Do It Yourself home security system ratings reviews

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In a world where everyone is busy, there is not enough time for household chores. Often the owners leave the irons and open windows. Getting rid of these and other problems, as well as protecting your living space will help the Smart Home system.

The rational approach to home space organization dates back to the 20th century, but has not been widely developed due to the poor development of electronics and the high cost of equipment. Now anyone can make a smart country house thanks to the high level of technology development.

“Smart home” implies automated management of housing space at the expense of sensors. With it, the load on the person who owns a large space is significantly reduced. When the “Smart House” is turned over, the owner of the room does not need to worry about everyday affairs, which he did not have time to finish. After work, the system allows one tap on the smartphone screen to prepare the home for the reception of guests, putting boiling electric kettle or setting a comfortable air temperature. This is not all that technology is capable of.

It is more convenient to use the system through a mobile app. It is available on Android and iOS smartphones. There is a full functionality presented on the official website of RTC. In the “Cameras” section, you can track what is happening in the house or in the country. “Push to Talk” helps you send voice messages home. All of this is available after authorization on the site or in the mobile app.

Which Smart House Is Better?

Since technology is in the process of development, it is difficult to find a proposal that has no flaws. Of the systems presented, Rubetek products are the most critical. Users can not install a smart home and equipment, and help from the manufacturer can not wait. In this respect, things are much better for Rostelecom, which sends his specialists to the house. They install and set up the devices. However, functionality is limited to the safety and management of electrical appliances.

The most “advanced” offer from Xiaomi. Among the devices of this company for “Smart House” there is an electric kettle, vacuum cleaners, kettles, not to mention light bulbs and sockets. But the downside lies in localization, which is gradually being corrected thanks to Yandex’s efforts. If you combine Liaomi’s devices with the application, there will be no difficulty with setting up and managing, especially when there is a station with a voice assistant “Alice” in an apartment or cottage.

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