home solutions for rust reviews

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Home Improvements & Maintenance : Home Remedies to Remove Rust

home solutions for rust After a prolonged exposure to oxygen and moisture on the metal, especially iron and steel, it can develop corrosion, commonly known as rust. Eventually all the unprotected metal covered in rust and will collapse if it is not removed properly. You can find a few things in your House that can effectively remove rust on the metal surface.


In combination with an equal part of the lemon juice, borax, or sodium, is an effective solution for removing rust. This mixture can be applied with a cloth directly on rust or pour into a spray bottle and spray directly on the corrosion. Another way to remove rust from small metal objects is to immerse the product in a container with Brown and lemon juice for 30 minutes or until until the disappearance of the rust.

home solutions for rust reviews

White vinegar

white vinegar can be applied directly to the metal object to remove the corrosion. In the same way as borax, white vinegar can be applied with a cloth, but spraying vinegar on the surface of the object will not be effective enough way. Initially, white vinegar is not as strong as borax and may require repeated its application for removing rust. Dive articles into the container with vinegar for 30 minutes can also effectively remove the corrosion.

A mixture of cream of tartar, borax and hydrogen peroxide

The combination of borax, cream of tartar (potassium tartrate) and hydrogen peroxide forms an effective paste for Rust removal. In the absence of borax, you can substitute baking soda. After mixing those three ingredients formed a dense mass that can be applied directly over rust. This mixture does not damage the surface of the metal itself. Leave this paste for 30 minutes on a metal surface, then rinse off with water from the facility.

Salt and lime

Drawing on a small spot of rust and lime salts occurs quickly, but require a long time to remove metal from corrosion. Sprinkle with salt, rust, and then squeeze the juice from a fresh lime on salt. You may need to use two Lyme to completely soak salt and rust stains. This mixture should be left on the spot within two-three hours before rust can be effectively removed. Leave one or two of the peel of lime, because you can use them to remove the salt solution, not wasting sponge or steel wool.

One home remedy that removes rust is a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice or vinegar, which is applied to the rusty object.

remove rust with vinegar

The video goes through the process of removing rust using vinegar. This restores the items back to like new condition.

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