Homemade recipes to avoid the frizz in hair

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Tips and natural remedies to eliminate the frizz in hair, one of the problems of beauty most common and preventable by applying some of these homemade recipes.

Causes of hair frizz

Fluff hair is a problem faced by many women. This may be due to the hair is very porous and absorb this moisture is sponge. Another reason why the hair is full of frizz is because it is too dry.
Natural remedies are the ideal choice for curly hair, since they will not only make it more manageable, but in addition they nourish, preserving at the same time their health and beauty.


Natural recipes to solve the problem of the frizz

Homemade recipe with beer for hair with curls and frizz
This is a good recipe natural for those who have curly hair and want to remove frizz, is to perform a final rinse with beer, let stand a few minutes and usually remove with water.

Moisturizing cream to eliminate frizz

Crush a ripe banana, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and another of sunflower oil. Mix and apply to fluff hair. Leave on for 30 minutes and wash hair normally without the use of electric dryer.

Sparkling water to avoid frizz

If you opt to let hair dry naturally after washing the hair and use your cream rinse, take a final rinse with carbonated water, i.e. water with gas, commonly known as soda.

Homemade recipe to avoid the frizz in hair dry

This natural remedy deeply moisturizes the hair and eliminates frizz.
To prepare this moisturizing cream one cup of mayonnaise must be mixed with medium avocado. Then applied to the hair and leave on for at least 20 minutes by wrapping the head with a plastic cap or bag, and by over a hot damp towel. Finally wash hair in the usual way.

Homemade recipes to avoid the frizz in hair

Coconut oil to eliminate frizz

Rub some of this oil in the Palm of your hand and spread then passing the hands of half of the hair towards the ends.
Another natural remedy is to replace the coconut oil for olive oil.

Against the poufy hair apple cider vinegar

Wash hair as normal, rinse and do a final rinse with a preparation of vinegar Apple and water in equal parts.


Some tips and tricks to eliminate frizz

If you decide to use straightening, this should be ceramic, and before applying any product that lock moisture and protect hair from the heat.

If you have dry hair, any natural treatment to moisturize dry hair or nurture it will be useful to avoid frizz.

As the frizz is due to the dryness of your hair, we must prevent the use of electric dryer because even more dry it.

Do not use bristle brushes metal or plastic that carry electricity, the ideal hair is to choose a good natural bristle brush.

Dyes in excess are not recommended if the hair is easily sponge.

Apply frequently to hair moisturizing mask anti frizz homemade, prepared with natural products.