Very hot garage – Garage Ventilation

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For most car owners , the garage has become not only a place for parking and repair of machinery, but also serves as a meeting place with friends, neighbors . Therefore Garage Ventilation, the prevailing view in society that the garage does not require ventilation , profoundly mistaken . Disregard for the need ventilation devices in the garage can turn various troubles and even become life-threatening .

Garage without ventilation becomes impracticable for finding people in it . There being reserved oil , oxidizers , fuels , various toxic substances that are constantly evaporate . Air exchange with the environment in the garage is virtually nonexistent. In addition to that , the car brings moisture and heated garage and all of these processes lead to rapid wear of machine elements , damage to paint work and therefore poisoning of humans excrete toxins .

Ventilation in the garage should be created for the supply and exhaust system. There are several ways to establish ventilation. One of them is the natural ventilation and the installation is a small grids located at the gate of the garage. It is a kind of blinds, through which clean air passes into the garage. The exhaust system is mounted on the roof or at the outlet exhaust air duct .This system works by the movement of the wind.


Breathability will work more efficiently if the blow -section lattice is 2-3 times higher cross section exhaust design. But natural ventilation is still not effective enough , since depends entirely on weather conditions and other factors that will not allow her to cope with the exhaust gases and noxious fumes in the garage.

Garage Ventilation – The Box Fan

In this case, the best solution is , along with natural ventilation to install a small exhaust fan capacity in the range of 0.1 kW. Ventilation grilles can be left in the same place , and the exhaust system itself positioned at the surface of the wall or ceiling. Such a system will be able to combine quality , both mechanical and natural ventilation and become a combined system of ventilation .

Very hot garage – Garage Ventilation

Big advantage of the mechanical Garage Ventilation system in the fact that in the fresh air and the removal of contaminated are responsible two mechanisms . Working in automatic mode. One of the mechanisms , representing a supply installation , has a filter , electric heater and fan. Here there is heating of air , which went on the air duct . Same exhaust system will operate more efficiently if it is composed of an axial fan or channel connected to the duct . Such a device would be more efficient.

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