Household electric ovens

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Household electric ovens

Glass-ceramic plates are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also reliable and safe. With glass- plate have additional features and options that make cooking more enjoyable process.

These models are equipped with two-or three-loop heating zones , allowing you to use virtually any diameter dishes . Oval area is suitable for baking dishes in the roaster .

Induction cookers can create culinary wonders , without limiting you even in diameter heating zone . The induction will determine the size of the pan and it will heat only , so if liquid or food on the surface , you do not burn .

Electric ovens are equipped with a variety of cooking functions , such as defrost , grill for cooking fish and meat with a crispy crust, pizza mode for baking pizza or fruit pies .

gas stoves

Table gas stove – ideal for giving, they will save space in your kitchen , as well as very convenient for transportation .

Electric ignition can be automatic when the ignition switch is in the corner , or mechanical – for the ignition to press a special button .

Gas control will prevent gas leakage , if the flame accidentally flood  draft. Therefore, the process of cooking is not only enjoyable , but also safe .

Oven gas stoves, which are equipped with a grill and rotisserie , allow to cook juicy steaks, fish and large pieces of meat will give a crispy crust.

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