How and when to feed an adult dog

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It is important to feed an adult dog in accordance with its needs and at regular intervals, but this may not be so simple – the nutritional needs of dogs can be different. Recommendations for daily feeding rate – it is only a starting point. For your pet’s health is extremely important to regularly monitor his physical condition and adjust the daily feed intake as needed. Simple tips can help you maintain your dog’s health:

Weigh your dog

Begin to feed her as recommended on the package and the advice of your veterinarian

Evaluate the physical condition of the animal, using the on-line assessment of the scale of the body mass index, every 2 – 3 weeks for the first 6 months. Adjust batch of feed according to the result

How and when to feed an adult dog

Switching to a new food

If you decide to transfer your dog on a diet of Hill’s ™ Science Plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness, this should be done gradually over a period of 7 days. Mix the old food with the new, constantly increasing share of the latter to complete the transition to the Science Plan. Then, your pet will be able to fully enjoy the taste and benefits of excellent food, which provides diet Science Plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness.

You and your veterinarian

Your veterinarian – the best source of information on health and well-being of your pet. Ask him to regularly monitor your dog’s weight because achieving and maintaining a healthy weight not only reduces the risk of certain diseases, but also provides a long, healthy and energetic life of your pet. Consult with your veterinarian which of the three feeding methods is best suited for your pet:

Feeding in the public domain: Food is available to your dog at any time.
Feeding Time limit: The feed your dog is available only for a certain time.
Feeding limited by the number of feed: feed given to the animal in certain portions of certain fixed time every day.

Your dog should always be a sufficient amount of clean fresh water.

Although it is difficult to resist the temptation to feed your pet a tasty morsel on the table, remember these goodies do not provide the right balance of nutrients. Observe moderation when it comes to sweets – their excess can lead to weight gain, or an imbalance of nutrients.

Next step

At the age of 7 years, your dog will reach the older age categories. Nutritional needs of older dogs are different from those in young animals, so you should change your pet’s diet. Diet Science Plan Canine Mature Adult Active Longevity provides excellent food for dogs aged 7 years and older. Using the Science Plan Canine Mature Adult Active Longevity longer you keep the youth of your pet.

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