How choose according to your Color for the garden flowers

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Some tips for choosing the right flowers according to the garden which you want to create, depending on the species and colors.

choose according to your Color for the garden flowers

The correct choice of plants and flowers for our task of gardening will depend on the time of stocking or transplantation (placement), the annual time type Garden (conventional garden, cantero, planters, balconies), as well as the lighting and weather conditions in the area… but also the effect we want them cause us.

The shapes and colors of our plants will have a great impact on our mood, helping us to relax, rejoice or achieve the desired mood. Some ideas are going to choose the flowers, depending on our desires.

The colors of the flowers and their influence

A garden in which predominates the red color will be us energizing, invigorating and lively. Between red and pink flowers, roses are Queens. We also recommend the azaleas, the belladonas, the gerberas, carnations and Tulips. You can choose clay or Terra-cotta pots to maximize the chromatic effect of this garden and serve with Maple or Red Plums.

A predominantly Orange garden helps to stabilize us and rejoice. This color is a great ally against the depression, so if you want to make a garden with these tones, choose begonias orange or Peach roses. The orange gerberas are also ideal, by his joy and freshness.

How choose according to your Color for the garden flowers

The yellow colored flowers are a tool that gives us a unique feeling of positivity and optimism. For its stimulating effects, it is flowers ideal for placing in offices or focal points that we can see from our Home Office. We recommend choosing acacias, chrysanthemums and yellow daisies, or also white daisies. Sunflowers are a great complement in this type of garden. It is accompanied with a beautiful New Zealand flax or a Cardon, and also with a yellow broom.


Purple and blue flowers possess a relaxing and stressing effect on us. They are ideal for courtyards, or points that can be enjoyed from the rooms. The best species for this feeling are the magnolias, hyacinth, veronica, always accompanied by white flowers, such as roses, orange blossoms, jasmine, lilies or white orchids, great size to maximize its effect, or trees and shrubs such as Absinthe, la Jara, and white Broom.

Finally, don’t forget to plan your garden, terrace, balcony or stonemason with green foliage. The green color is relaxing and, rather than counteract the effect of other colors, creates an incredible harmony.

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