How does home insurance in case of fire

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All or almost all have household insurance, but few are those who have had to deal with them in case of fire. I’m going to comment how it works insurance, since I know it first hand since a few years ago burned me a fireplace inside. This is common when the fireplace is not well cleaned, and more if as in my case, the previous owner used to burn plastics.

Of course even if the kitchen is the greater focus of danger (such as chimneys), there are other things that can pass as let a sunset sail, a short small fires in the home, although they are not very frequent, can occur more easily than we think.

But luckily, and if we have been cautious hiring insurance home, fire coverage always will have it included, so today we are going to tell how it works our home in case of fire insurance.
Where there is a fire inside your home the first thing you have to do is remain calm and, if it is small, turn it off yourself you wherever possible; Although of course when in doubt it is best called to firefighters so that the thing go to older.

Once there is no longer a fire you should call your home insurance to tell them what happened and how have been (how has passed, if they have come or not firefighters, damage that has caused…), although they will surely ask him be sure to give them all the details about what has happened that can be incurred expenses. For example, if you were finally required the firefighters they charge for each output they do, but it will be our home insurance that would take care of the Bill already is by extinguishing the fire, rubble removal or demolition (if necessary).

The next step is the arrival of the expert to assess the damage, which will last a few days on the part of your insurance company. If they have come the fire damage may have been considerable, depending on the volume of fire of course, but is the expert who will be responsible for rating to pass the final opinion to the company.

You can also take pictures of how it was all after the fire so where you put some order into the home, don’t miss the “tests” of the damage caused by the fire.

Once the expert has passed by the House, in a few days or weeks (depending on the company) will have in the Bank the amount of money that the expert thought relevant to the recruitment of professionals and materials necessary to regain our House as it was before the incident.

The compensation process is as follows:

The expert visit as it has been the risk and, once it has made the assessment of damages, if the insured requests compensation, be effected a proposed compensation.
The other option is that, directly, the guilds of the company carried out the work to be performed according to the expert report.

Any other expense in repairing it incurred by the insured must inform the insurer and to the expert so include it in the assessment and, subsequently, the insured can be compensated for this concept (provided is coincident with the market prices of the works and materials used).

How does home insurance in case of fire

With respect to total compensation: generally, the policies cover 100% of the damages caused by fire, although some companies impose limitations and only cover a part of the damage. The latter depends on the type of contract policy and stipulated within the coverage of fire that includes your home insurance.

With this, the remains of the shock body and with the black walls of our House until they return to paint (as well as some damaged), would end the process, although maybe that everything might imply you a little more money the following year in the renewal of your policy, but to manage this we recommend that you speak with your agent or directly with your company.

Finally, home insurance not asked any invoice, and was limited to admit me the money in the account in which the insurance was domiciled. The final experience was positive, although I think they could have taken more haste to pay charges for the accident.

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