How to build a fiberglass storage box

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How to create storage box fiberglass

Fiberglass is a strong, durable material applied to virtually any surface. An application includes laminating boards. The process results in a waterproof surface that resists wear, moisture and rot. Wall panels, flooring or countertop plates are fiberglass to improve their longevity and usefulness. Any homeowner with basic knowledge can quickly master this project. It should only take a few hours to complete this type of project.

Place the Board on a canvas. This will protect the area beneath the fiberglass table. Wipe the Panel with a cloth and a general cleaner to remove grease and dirt.

Cut the fleece of fiberglass strips with scissors or a knife. More than enough strips cut to cover the entire surface of the card.

Mix the resin and hardener in a separate container. Follow the ratios for the hardener to resin that appears in the instructions of the hardener. Mix just enough resin to about 10 minutes of work, such as the resin to harden at that time and become too viscous for use.


Apply the resin to the strips of fiberglass with a brush. Cover both sides of the wool with the resin. Then place the strips of wool on the surface of the plate. It spans straps to increase the resistance of the material. Cover the entire surface of this way.

Allow the resin to harden and dry overnight. Drying times vary and depend largely on the amount of hardener is mixed into the resin. The fiberglass will be solid and hard when it is completely dry.

Sand the fiberglass using 200 grit sandpaper. Wrap the fiberglass with fiberglass primer. Let the primer dry as indicated on the label of primer. Apply a paint from fiberglass or the gel coat to the surface of the plate with a gun.


Fiberglass is used for molds in various applications from home and car. Whether making a housing of the loudspeakers in an application of high-end car audio, or the formation of a mold to make a decorative vase, glass fiber offers an impressive array of options. These molds require certain specialized materials, ventilation and patience.

How to build a fiberglass storage box

Cover the object to copy tape. Tape will serve as a release from the mold once it dries the resin. Make sure that there are no wrinkles, bubbles or holes in the tape.

Place the fiberglass mat firmly onto the element. Turn the finished item. Secure the carpet in place with hot glue.

Wear the rubber gloves. Apply resin fiberglass over the carpet with a brush. Continue applying resin until the carpet is wet and shiny look, indicating a complete penetration.

Put successive layers of mat over the previous, soaking each with resin. Continue until you get the desired thickness of the mold. Press the air bubbles after each layer with the roller.

Pop with care the mould of the copied item. Remove the masking tape.

Sand glass fiber as soft as necessary, using 80-grit paper.

Runs the automatic filler over any holes or other imperfections in the glass fiber, sanding between each coat dry.


Fiberglass bathtubs are durable, but they pick up stains, such as residues of SOAP on the surface. As washing the dirt and oil from our skin is mixed with SOAP leaving behind slag of fat on the surface of the fiberglass tub. Allowing stains remain to make them difficult to remove. Fiberglass clean tub stains as soon as they appear.

Pour white vinegar undiluted in a spray bottle. Spray white vinegar on the spots in the fiberglass tub. Let the vinegar stay in spots for 20 minutes to break the rust, oxide and SOAP residue.

Rub the stain with a soft bristle brush or a nylon sponge. Apply vinegar if it is necessary to remove the stains.

Rinse the tub of fiberglass with a sponge and warm water.

Clean a piece of hair above any remaining stains in the fiberglass tub.

Dry with towels fiberglass tub after you remove all the stains.

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