how to build a sauna in your home

how to build a sauna in your home In the category infrared sauna Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about how to build a sauna in your home.

Bath at all times is for a person of great value. Bath for us not just hygienic procedure for purification of the body. Bath treatments are cures many ailments and subject to satisfaction, as well as improve our mental state and contribute to the tidal conditions of vitality and energy. Many wonder how to make a sauna in the House, it should be noted that there are very different versions of saunas, a modern building market can offer you. But it should be noted that the issue of how to build a sauna with your hands, still not depending on the type or kind of saunas. So you have to fully understand the situation that was created.

How to build a steam bath or sauna

Heavy labor week deserve rest in good, home sauna
Saunas come in many different designs. Among modern include an infrared sauna, option, combined with a shower, a Finnish sauna and the team of the apartment. From the classic species stand out, such as:

Earthen. The construction of this type of sauna is extremely simple – this is peat dugout, is over a big hole. Build the following sauna time, technology is simple, but quality is poor;

Sauna in the barn. The construction of this type of saunas provides a summary of the large log cabins with separate room for drying crops and a terrace;

how to build a sauna in your home

Stove or the sauna. A fairly common type of construction of saunas in Finland. Stove here are heated with firewood, gas, electricity or liquid fuels. Water tanks, hot water accumulates outside the steam room. Excess moisture is collected using an efficient ventilation system. The temperature in these saunas can reach high values. It is actually a variant of the traditional finish saunas, which is widely used around the world. Make a Finnish sauna is not difficult, they spent a long time summary to detail;

National sauna. Construction of saunas in different countries affected by national culture and can greatly vary in design. And this is actually the case. In many countries, saunas called simple steam room, strong dry heat that can come from any national sources;

The modern sauna. Modern construction of saunas is the erection of embedded structures or major capital structures, consisting of several rooms different. Do these saunas is sometimes difficult with their hands, because such construction requires certain rules and regulations summary in terms of support for certain conditions.

How to build a sauna in the apartment with his hands Guide

There are even varieties:

how to build a Wooden sauna in your home

Prefabricated sauna is a little model, which can be placed even in the apartment. For device team saunas do not need special training room, so there don’t even have to wonder how to build a sauna House. Stove heat from electricity used stones from the volcanic rocks that are resistant to high temperatures and have abundant. This type of sauna building different affordable price;

Sauna-shower: the following options are the kind of team the sauna in the House, combined with equipment. This design can be installed even in a limited space and it seems-a shower with sauna.

Infrared sauna is the latest development that has infrared heaters instead of the classic stove. Infrared sauna is very useful for health, these heaters reaches 300 °. In this place, sweating occurs more intensively, it falls deep into the body. Radiation in the infra-red sauna stimulates the metabolism, excretion of toxins, blood circulation. Body temperature temporarily increases the multiverse, bacteria and viruses.
So, how to build a sauna for your home? To start with, let’s define some choice. If the sauna-shower, and then build a sauna does not have to, since installing the booth, you will receive a completed sauna.

By the way, this type of sauna is already coming in finished form, just connect all the necessary communications network. But you should not do it with your hands, though this is not so difficult, provide all professionals that guarantee the quality of the installation.

If you are interested in more classic version of saunas, you decide with the premise. where will steam room. Ideally, if your home has mature basement, in this case, you will not only build a sauna, but also even make a mini pool.

But it will have to work hard to create conditions for the sauna. First, you need a basement insulation as hydro and heat. Secondly, install good ventilation, without which the device of the saunas is strictly forbidden. While for those who understands all the delights of relaxation in the sauna, you can go to such expense.

how to build a modern sauna in your home

The room that you are looking for under the sauna must be carefully and insulated. Next – 8 with heater (special furnace). It can be from both gas and wood, and electricity.

Don’t forget about ventilation system, if in the sauna will not be provided ventilation, it can be very easy.

Processing facilities are better executed with wood-Please note that the room will withstand heavy thermal loads, because of the plastic, which is under the influence of heat can give off harmful substances. in particular, formaldehyde, it is better to refuse. fit a classic version of processing – wood. Of course, a little expensive, but definitely safe for health. In short the options are many. Just select the appropriate and enjoy with health benefits. Once again focus our attention on those requirements that have been set out above, do not swing your hand at trivia in the sauna just no.

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