How to calculate the cost of construction or repair

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Before the construction of a private house or apartment becomes a priority repair estimate cost of building materials, craftsmen and/or rental of equipment and tools. Do complex calculation independently solved by no means all, preferring to delegate these functions to contractors or professionals estimated pricing.

Meanwhile, it is estimated that services are rarely free, and even if the construction company-contractor and offers free make an estimate, there is no guarantee that it is accurate and relevant to the actual market conditions, prices. So much so that the correctness of the compiled estimates is largely determined by the precision counting volumes of construction and repair works, generated on the basis of standard arithmetic computations.

And now consider how to properly draw up a statement of work and make commercial estimates, even having no special education and experience by a chartered surveyor or planner.
So, let’s say you have a room with a few rooms where the planned overhaul: Re-stuck wallpapers, dismantle old flooring, lay new ceramic tiles, chalk ceilings etc. Before proceeding with the repair, you want to calculate the approximate cost of the works of masters and necessary materials.

To begin with, we define basic parameters: measure the height of the ceiling, a tape measure the length and width of the room (s), slopes, area of window and door openings. Having basic arithmetic calculations to calculate the area of a floor, ceiling and walls minus apertures and compiling them with list of finishing works, you can create a so-called defective statement containing a list of “defects” that need to be addressed in the course of repair.

For example, statement of works at furnish of premises can include installation of GYPSUM PLASTERBOARD sheets is 50 square meters. m., filler or wall papering area of 50 sq. m, laying ceramic tile on the floor-30 sq.m. m., plastering and painting of ceilings-30 sq.m. m., etc. Produced calculations is conveniently summarized in an Excel table, allocated under headings such as “Floors” and “Ceilings”, “wall”, or from room to room: “Bedroom”, “living room”, etc.

After the development of Bill of quantities, calculate an estimate of construction costs, namely the costs of future repairs. To do this, we define the cost of separately for each type of finishing: painting, plastering, tiling, etc. In other words, it will be necessary to calculate how much material and labour costs would be required for the implementation of painting, whitewash or laying tile.

In building practice the calculation value commonly referred to as estimates and experts engaged in the summation of the construction costs-baste together. Concept in modern industry estimates the construction and repair of real estate objects is interpreted quite widely: it can be both hand-written list of works with materials and price, and MultiPage table with ciphers, codes and complicated calculation algorithm, which is virtually impossible to produce without specialized software complexes.

How to calculate the cost of construction or repair

The principle of calculating the cost of CONSTRUCTION (construction works) directly is determined by the type of estimates: If this table in fer (Federal individual prices) or ter (territorial compilations of individual fees), to determine prices for materials and labor necessary to apply special collections of quotations. Use database construction costs not required if enough ordinary commercial estimates because the cost of resources can come from prices and commercial bids suppliers.

For convenience, the estimated construction costs can be broken down by time segments, making the schedule of works on the construction or renovation of real estate property. it demonstrates the dynamics and distribution of monthly labour costs, helping to orient yourself relative to the procurement of necessary construction materials and instrument that is used. Developing a correct statement of work and the schedule, having considered the market prices of construction resources, you can estimate the cost in commercial rates.

For example, consider one of the integrated, i.e. consisting of several parts, types of repairs: recovery of coating baths using acrylic. This technique is often used in plumbing, when replacement bath is not planned, but its surface must be in good condition. Assume that this option is being considered, along with the purchase of new plumbing and try to determine whether either option from an economic point of view, making the base cost estimates.

One of the key conditions for the development of literate estimates are correct calculating volumes for each type of work. To do this, we use the industry-standard tools: tape measure, ruler or technical documentation. If placement options are available from the project, sketches and drawings, dimensions and technical characteristics of the equipment and other movables are often specified in instructions or specifications. Let’s say, we have made the necessary measure and an extra column filled our table containing quantitative parameters of types produced by CMP.

The most difficult moment in budgeting and determining the future value of SMR is as such pricing, i.e. pricing for individual views of construction and repair works.

Standard practice is for commercial pricing estimate according to the current time period market. Having reviewed the prices of construction materials suppliers and contractors on the Web, you can get closer to the average market level, which represents the optimum prices and quality in a given time period. Setting prices for finishing work according to market conditions and having multiplied them with available amounts work, calculate the total cost of the repairs.

Because this type of calculation estimates come from current market prices on resources: the salaries of workers, use of equipment, tools, etc., this calculation is commonly referred to as commercial, i.e. composed without the use of approved basic rates. Estimates for commercial rates is very common in commercial environments due to its simplicity and relevance of current market realities.

At the same time, often due to inherent commercial estimates conventions you want to calculate the future value of the CMP not at market prices and in single or element costs estimated bases, which then raises a special translation index. Budgeting is one of the most important parts of the design that are required for the construction of new houses, and to overhaul existing private homes, public and industrial buildings.

Let’s see how to determine the cost of the repair or construction. And not just for the sake of accounting or planning. It will allow you to clearly determine how much does it cost to repair a bathtub. The estimate shall contain: a the cost of construction services to calculate the cost of the repair room, produce implementation of measurements and calculations required for construction, repairs are needed wardrobes at home do not go, cabinet door wedge. Defects. How to calculate the cost of construction of the frame house.

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