How to care for the plants in the garden

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Much talk about the care of plants with flowers, lawn and garden, but little about the older plants, trees and shrubs that give it its Green Garden. Here some tips on their care.

Enjoy the beauty of the garden and gardening, know well that there are more plants that flower in a green space. Learn how to give the proper care of them (at least the most common varieties of household gardens) is therefore essential, because it is precisely this that support the landscape that want to create, and which mark the most appropriate scenario to make flowers and plants are alike.

In the Garden we can differentiate between trees and shrubs, hedges, higher plants and smaller plants, by classifying them in some way. Each variety has its details of care particularly, but all have their shared secrets in general rules.

For example, trees do not need to be watered, since their roots have sought water in Earth, spreading to where necessary. You don’t need to water the trees, but yes it is good to remember watering the lawn or varieties that grow at his feet. The bushes, on the other hand, as well as the young shoots of trees, need irrigation.

If it’s fruit shrubs or trees, remember that you must give a biannual or annual pruning to stimulate your budding. Also don’t underestimate the old grandmother tips: hit the trunk of the citrus makes them flourish.

Older plants that give context to the garden tend to be more varied. Sedge require very little care, but good space of free growth. The ficus, star of green gardens, are also ideal to fill the space with a beautiful greenery. To play them, simply cut your upper trunk and bury him close.

How to care for the plants in the garden


Don’t forget the smaller varieties, as they are those that give life to every corner of the garden. Potted plants, the daffodils and even the cactuses are ideal for do not leave blank spaces, and give a background of green backdrop to the flowers in the garden look, and even to show off themselves. Remember to control its irrigation, as minor varieties often require a very low supply of water.

Each variety has its secrets and tips, but there are some shared that you can use to have your garden with a lively and vibrant green plants at any time of the year. Take advantage of them!

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