How to change the controller in the hot water heater

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How to change the console in a hot water heater

The temperature of your water heater control is based on the power to the thermostat. A water heater thermostat works in the same way that a thermostat works to control the temperature of your home, the regulation of the heating elements in the system. When a hot water heater is no longer the production of water at acceptable temperatures, it is a clear indication that the thermostat needs to be changed.

Look for the model number of your hot water heater. This information is located in the documentation accompanying the water heater or directly from the unit once the access panel is removed. To remove the access panel, inspect the unit during a screwed in panel. Use a screwdriver to remove the panel and enter the model number. This ensures that you find a compatible thermostat in the purchase of a new one.

Buy your new thermostat using the information in the model number of the stage 1.

Turn off the power to the hot water heater. Turn off the circuit breaker, which is normally found in the garage. Unplug the unit from the wall if it is electric.

Drop wires located in the interior of the panel that you extracted in step 1. The wires are fed into the old thermostat and screws hold the wires in place.

Unscrew the thermostat of the mount. Discard the old thermostat. Place the new thermostat on the mounting and screw in place. Connect the wires to the new thermostat in place by screwing.

Adjust the thermostat to the intensity of the hot water that you prefer. Most thermostats are set at 108 degrees Fahrenheit.

Replace the access panel. Place the unit and the screw access panel in place. Plug the unit back to exit and restore power to the water heater hot circuit breaker that you disabled in step 3.

How to change the controller in the hot water heater

Test the water. After allowing the unit to turn on, give your new thermostat 10 to 20 minutes to heat the water to the desired temperature. Test the water of any sink or shower in the House. If the water is hot, that it has successfully replaced the control. If the water does not heat, check the connections to the wiring of the thermostat and hot water heater.

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