How to cheat the electric meter

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How to cheat the electric meter

How to stop energy meter? People think on this issue, when you have to pay huge bills for electricity due to its large consumption of powerful electrical appliances. Modern counters are mostly protected against unauthorized spending power, but still are skilled craftsmen that can bypass this protection. Cheat can be virtually any, even the most convoluted device, be it single-phase or three-phase. Just need to know which method is right for your device, but also competently implement this algorithm. The main problem here is not crawling mechanism to protect and to inspection bodies have failed to notice the deception. It is important to remember, that zero or very little expense suggests stealing electricity. Therefore, you must not move the scope propriety and slow counter within reasonable limits.

Modern electric meter, such as Mercury 230 art, mercury or mercury 200.04 202.22 has serious protection against theft of electricity, however, and such devices can be deceived. Today on the Internet appeared quite a lot of resources with algorithms to slow or stop the metering. Typically, the owners of the resources offered to buy these techniques or even connection kits. The price for such services starts from a few hundred dollars.

Here are some examples of such instructions.

If you have electric meter type SET, you can pack it in tight polyethylene film. On hot days, the device breaks down and starts to understate the testimony or to stay. However, it will be noticeably inspection. To the counter type CE6807B.

If your House secure wiring, you can break the unit accounting for frequent inclusions-shutdowns powerful load (for example, welding apparatus). As a result of data manipulations can be burned out built-in counter transformers.

There are ways of slowing down by using a shunt. You could also try to rewind the testimony with the powerful magnet, applying it to the front of the device. There are many ways to such interference in the work of the counter all their remit does not make sense. The important things to remember is that if your actions will be noticed by the inspection bodies, you may face a penalty of severe fines or even stricter.

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