How to choose a chandelier ceiling in the living room and bedroom

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How to choose a chandelier ceiling in the living room and bedroom -The most important element of the interior seating hall and bedrooms are light fixtures. Traditionally, the best option for their equipment is considered shelf chandeliers. That it forms a shape largely residential space, brings a certain atmosphere of style, solemnity and accuracy.

You can purchase a chandelier ceiling, which creates ideal conditions for relaxing and reading, permanent residence and work. In a wide range of models offered by an inexperienced user can get confused and make the wrong choice, so we recommend pre-read the following tips.

Submitted products differ in which light sources are used for:

Bulb. Creates a smooth and gentle flow of light. Has low efficiency and high heating temperature, so it is not possible or unsafe use of paper or thin plastic lampshades.

Halogen lamp. Quite rarely used for ceiling chandeliers, more often used for point lights and lanterns create a powerful, bright light.

Fluorescent lamp. At the moment, is the most popular and in demand. The main advantage – is a high efficiency, the main drawback – the light is cold and white. Ideal option for spacious living.

Power ceiling chandelier is calculated from the sum of its constituent power lamps. To adjust this figure applies special relay (dimmer). Best buy lighting with power reserve. In our online store you can buy cheap chandeliers ceiling, which will not only be an ideal source of light, but an indispensable element of interior decoration. There are four main types of registration of this product: classic, modern, floral, crystal. The main thing is that it blends well with the design of a bedroom or living room.

How to choose a chandelier ceiling in the living room and bedroom

One should not forget the combination ceiling light with other sources, such as table lamps, floor lamps, sconces. To consolidate chandeliers best use the central part of the ceiling. It should be noted that the correct placement and brightness chandeliers depends perception and color of materials, in particular wallpaper or stretch ceiling. To a large extent it relates to multi-colored covers. Here you can buy cheap ceiling chandeliers that, nevertheless, have high technical features and stylish design.

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