How to choose a generator?

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At the present time, modern technologies, electricity is the most important component for growth in all areas of human activity. His absence stops virtually any activity and leads to a complete paralysis of any activity. Whether it’s home life, which requires a power supply of many household devices, without which modern life would not be possible. Or production, which requires a continuous flow of electricity, the absence of which would result in losses and undesirable consequences for all the employees in the form of implementation of the plan of work and wage delays.

In addition, there are many places where there is no access to electricity and take advantage of modern comforts, such as a mobile phone or a simple lighting is not possible. Although in cities with electricity, as a rule, there is no problem, but there is a power cut due to failure of power or other factors. Weak voltage may also cause electricity shortages.

Why choose generator is important?

To protect themselves from unexpected outages and provide light, remote from civilization places to find additional sources of electricity, which will operate autonomously. This source is a generator that runs on different fuels. This can be diesel, gasoline or natural gas. Depending on the needs of the owner of the generator is a device for providing themselves with electricity. Of the many models available on the market of the product would be difficult to choose, not knowing what to choose. Very important is the practical side of the issue, i.e. the mobility device or stationarity. The generator must be reliable and easy to manage. In addition to this rather important is low noise devices, which can be annoying in certain cases. All this is important for a simple user who wants to have a functional but at the same time, clear and simple thing, which is easy to use and it will not let you down at the crucial moment.

Why is the power generator?

the possibilities of the generator and its ability to cover the amount of electricity that is required in each case. It is very important to take this measure because the comfortable life fail if the device does not pull all the electrical appliances in the home. Or if it will not provide the desired volume for the functioning of the enterprise. For the latter option, and stationary generators are used, which have a lot of technical nuances. Therefore, more attention will take it mobile and portable generators that are easy to take with you. If the generator is not enough power to connect, for example, several appliances (fridge, microwave oven, tv, computer), There is an overload and resulting in damage to the equipment that is not good. So you need to carefully calculate the amount of electricity that will be used for the normal operation of the home or small office and choose the appropriate model. It is best to take the generator, which at 30% of the total required stronger consumption.

It is interesting to note that summation of electrical power that will nourish the generator, it is necessary to take the starting power, which is higher than the rated power. If you buy a generator to provide and plan to use it a couple of hours a day, it is quite suitable mobile generators to 0.6-3 kW. Incorrect operation of the generator can result in significant costs of electricity production and not to use the unit. The more expensive models, for example, have electronic controls and similar modules for controlling the fuel flow. Cheap same generator requires a more careful reading and observance of all the rules of operation as much as possible to minimize fuel consumption.

What generator choose: petrol or diesel?

When you select the auxiliary energy source, account should be taken of the type of fuel that can be used as a device to generate electricity. Each of the types of generators has its positive and negative sides. The main criteria for all types of generators are the power, that is, the total amount of electricity generated, the total number of engine operating hours, operating time per charging that should be taken into account in the long-term use, as well as one of the most important settings is the fuel consumption per working hour of a generator. Principle of operation of such generators is the same. Fuel enters the combustion chamber and ignited, resulting in a release of thermal energy and spin a generator, which generates electricity. To better understand a power generator for you, let’s take a closer look at each type.

How to choose a generator?

Gasoline generators

generator is the most common type, because it has a number of positive features, among which are easy to run and not important weather, that is, any atmospheric conditions do not prevent turn the unit on. They are convenient and easy to use, which is important for users who are looking for exactly this indicator in the alternator. Shortage of fuel (petrol) is in our country and it is completely available. Among gasoline generators are two-stroke and four-stroke models. Two-stroke models are very good for seasonal use. They are simple to operate, as well as small size, which is important for mobility. It can be taken in the boot of the car and used on purpose in a place where the electricity is needed. Noise and vibration in two-stroke generators low, so it will not cause inconvenience and does not need any further insulation. Such generators are inexpensive, which is a significant advantage for people used to save money.

Two-stroke generator suitable for sudden power outages, as well as convenient to use during trips to nature, where you want to create a lighting or cook food on the appliance. Also charge any mobile device (laptop, Tablet), turn on the Music Center for more great enjoyment and a lot more.

petrol generators Features

Four-stroke power generators have a more complex structure, which has a high-capacity to connect a larger number of electrical appliances or one or two powerful units. This type is less fuel consumption, which will in the future run on financial costs in purchasing fuel. The high life of the engine and the battery life is significantly higher in the four-stroke generators. The management of such models has increased opportunities that will be useful for more productive and cost-effective operation. Exhaust cleaner, and do not cause this discomfort, as if the PP version. As you already understood, such models are more expensive, but also the effectiveness of their much better.

Diesel generators

generators that operate on diesel fuel, are highly reliable and low-cost of fuel, which is much cheaper than gasoline. High factor of safety design and engines allow a long continuous operation that is required for a stable of electrification of the object. Features also include high power output with low fuel consumption. Low cost diesel makes them very economical. For a simple user selection of a generator is the most correct. This gives the user a lot of power for little money. A large number of modifications and the model will choose the best option for you. In addition to the advantages of diesel generators there are downsides, which also must be taken into account. This is the high cost of vehicles, that is not very good, but cheap fuel quickly recoup these costs. The high weight of the diesel generator is not very good for mobility, so if you plan to move the unit, it is not very convenient. Mention should be made of the high noise and vibration levels of this type of electric generators. The machine work stably and long to use high-quality fuel, otherwise damage may occur. Sensitivity of diesel fuel to low temperatures, too negative, which should be taken into account. The exhaust gases of high concentration may prevent the use of a generator on diesel in the premises.

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