How to clean and maintain glass surfaces

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Techniques for cleaning and care of all glass surfaces: utensils, glasses, ornaments, etc.

Techniques for cleaning glasses

Cleaning various surfaces and glassware at home can be a stressful task, provided that we not make it with the most appropriate technique for each of them. In this article, we will remember some tricks of the past to keep glasses and crystals always impeccable.

How to clean jars and glass bottles

To clean and sanitize bottles or jars or containers which have a narrow mouth that do not allow us to put our hands or sponge, we can simply fill them with soapy water or a mixture of water and detergent, accompanying it with a handful of raw grains of rice. Then, cover the mouth with the Palm of the hand, and shake vigorously. This will help to remove the solid remains, the friction of the grains of rice against the inner walls of the container, at the same time that the soapy water will make the more thorough cleaning.


Cleaning of moulds and glass supplies

How to clean and maintain glass surfaces

Molds, fountains and glass containers in the kitchen can be simply cleaned with detergent and water. However, a great trick is to apply SOAP them and rinse with hot water, in order to facilitate the removal of remains of the cleaning product, as well as rinse water evaporation, thus helping to have virtually stain-free containers.

How to clean mirrors and windows

Glasses, mirrors and windows tend to cause problems. We can solve them with a special product and cloths, but if we do not have these cleaners, we simply clean windows and glasses with a mixture of water and white vinegar, preferably of alcohol. Clear, we could replace this mixture with a hot water and alcohol. We must only apply this mixture with the help of a sprayer or a clean cloth dampened in it, and rub over the surface, looking back with a rag or cloth that leaves no lint.

How to clean glass decorations

The ornaments of glass can be cleaned by soaking in hot soapy water, if its size allowed it. Then, just rinse with hot water and left to dry, or dry with a clean cloth that leaves no lint. If they were objects of large dimensions, we can clean them with a cloth soaked in a mixture in equal parts of water and alcohol, and then review them with a clean dry cloth.

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