How to clean ceramic and tile

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Ceramic and tile surfaces tend to deposit very dirty, especially in the joints. In this guide we will see how to clean and disinfect using natural products that you have in the cupboard.

Guide to clean ceramic and tile

Normally, the ceramic and tile are lining for the bathrooms, the laundry room and the kitchen. These three rooms tend to share certain characteristics: they are often warm, humid, and its air is filled with components that are deposited in the interstices.

Fumes of kitchenette and shower, as well as waste from washing, boiler, heating and many other gases, produce dirt on the ceramic which, not to solve quickly and effectively, threatens to be installed in the home, leaving him at the mercy of the proliferation of fungi, mold and unwanted bacteria.

How to clean ceramic and tile

But we have a simple and effective way to wipe out all this dirt, without suffering in the attempt. Put hands to work the following trick of hygiene.

Step 1: surface cleaning of the ceramic

Begins by making a surface cleaning using a large sponge soaked in warm soapy water (white SOAP will be ideal). Review the entire area to remove external dust, and then rinse the sponge moistened in clean, warm water. Leave to air dry or wiping with a rag to clean, and give way to the next task.

Step 2: disinfection and degreasing

Now it’s the turn of acids. Although in the market there is a huge variety of cleaning products, we recommend opting for the simple and natural.

Make a solution of two parts of alcohol, three to four parts of white vinegar and one part warm water. Using the sponge and a synthetic bristle brush, you rub the surface to remove remains of scale, lime, deposits of fat, adhering dirt, and delete at the same time the bacteria and fungi. We recommend using a mask, protective glasses and rubber gloves, vinegar acid may affect your eyes and mucous membranes.

Then rub well with these products, simply review with a clean cloth to give brightness to the already disinfected surface. If you want to rinse to avoid the smell of vinegar or no residue, review with a sponge soaked in a solution of equal parts of alcohol and water warm, and reviewed with a clean dry cloth that leaves no lint.

These two tasks of cleaning will be sufficient for two months, although you have to clean every two or three days to prevent a new accumulation. Choose review the ceramic and tile with vinegar and water, or alcohol and water mixture, to keep them clean, disinfected and bright all the time.

Deep ceramic and tile cleaning

If the House is new or has been unemployed for a long time, you will want to begin with a thorough cleaning. To do this, dissolve a cup of baking soda in one and a half to two litres of warm water, and then add half a cup of white spirit vinegar. You will see the solution bubbles in an action effervescent, ideal for loosening most attached dirt and disinfect the gaps between tiles.

Apply this solution with a sponge

spraying it throughout the area, and let stand for 30 to 60 minutes. Passed this time, rinse with water and completes the cleaning with a mixture of equal of white vinegar and water, or alcohol and water, and dry with a clean dry cloth that leaves no lint. Tiles and ceramics will be safe, clean and disinfected for these important rooms of the home.

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