How to connect Pex-Al-Pex pipe

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Pipes of metal immediately after the appearance on the market have earned great popularity. They are very easy to connect, unlike any other pipes. Of course, this is a big advantage of the technology. To connect these pipes do not need welding or any special soldering iron. All work is carried out by means of the socket spanner.

Metal-plastic pipes are joined using a variety of fittings and adapters. They, of course, are sold directly, together with pipes. Need to calculate in advance what kind of adaptors and fittings required for the wiring, and in what quantity.

Manufacturers offer a huge selection. Always on sale has a linear counterpart, connectors, tees, crosses, and so on. Also no problem purchase adapters for different diameters of pipes, faucets, filters, and whatever else might be needed in the process.

Pipe fittings made of metal plastic consists of a metal “basics”, sealing the metal rings and nuts.

With regard to the pipes, they easily bend, which is very convenient during installation. Metal-plastic pipes are cut specifically for the scissors. However, such pipes are pretty flexible. They have a few layers of plastic and metal. The metal is pretty slim. This allows you to cut metal in any suitable instrument, for example, hacksaw or even regular sharp knife. Important to try to make the cut as possible, high-quality and smooth. If necessary, it is better to straighten.

First you need to stow and secure a pipe bend them as necessary, and only then proceed to a Union. In order to make more reliable and more dense, applied the so-called “fum-tape”, also without problems is always on sale.

So, once the pipes are cut, stacked and secured in their seats, as well as the way you want, you can start the connection. First fittings are perpetuating. Then they put on the pipe nut and o-ring. After the fitting with the effort until the end of the insert into the chrome pipe. Now you can roll a little fum-tapes (enough to make a few revolutions), then tighten the nut.

Actually that’s all the secrets of the mounting pipe end. This is really a very simple technology, through which it has so quickly in popularity.

How to connect Pex-Al-Pex pipe

How to connect metal pipes characteristics of the Assembly, as is crimped, how to properly use the crimping pliers, assembling, how to connect pex to galvanized pipe, connecting pex pipe¬†connections, So, you can find in stores such as: plastic pipes, copper, Rules of the Assembly or how to properly connect the metal pipes by means of press-fitting? What tool is used, If you don’t know how to connect the metal pipes to insulate itself from the periodic feeding fittings, Connect the metal pipes through welding is not possible. To use fittings of various kinds: kinds of fittings.

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