How to deal with mold in the bathroom ways and methods of struggle

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Dormant spores of fungi are everywhere and always. And even a certain time they are harmless. But, as moisture will be above 80% and the temperature will exceed the mark 20 degrees Celsius, the mushrooms will begin to “come alive”. Spores grow using thin-legs, SWF-which together form the mycelium. That mold start to attack your bathroom missing not climate change throughout the room, and even in its small area. If the humidity continues to be on all the same high level, very soon she begins to go into growth by building a colony a colony and seizing new territory. The spread of harmful fungus also contributes to the lack of ventilation indoors and improperly made waterproofing the walls and floor. As regards the sources of sustenance, their mold can truly she eats paper, wood, fabric, glue, drywall, paint, PuTTY, plaster, silicone sealants, metal and even concrete.

Bath as the birthplace for mold

Why bath often becomes mold? This is due to the fact that in the bathtub an excellent climatic conditions, which contribute to the occurrence of mold. The humidity here is high and the temperature often exceeds the room. But Windows seldom can be found in the bathrooms. Accordingly, no ventilation here and there can be no speech. Even if the bathroom ventilation system, one cannot exclude education sites with stagnating air. That can tell you about the appearance of mould in the bathroom? Firstly, this plaster that first catches your eye when mold appears. Then comes the peeling veneer and varnish coverings, unpleasant smell and unsightly formations on the walls. But the devastating impact of fungal does not end there.

Due to the volatility of mildew, it disputes soon appear in other areas. By the way, for general information: Once inhaled, mold spores can cause various kinds of allergic diseases like asthma and the like. Therefore, if it so happens that you have in your bathroom, fungus appeared without any hesitation, start a fight with him. However, without dedicated means fungus, you will not be able to cope. Using scraper and brushes you can remove only the visible part of the fungus and the roots of it remain intact. This means that sooner or later the mold will disturb you again until you are fully familiar with it.

How to deal with mold?

First you need to relocate all the inhabitants of the apartment for a while, that you need to eliminate mold. From some infected mold materials, for example, plaster, paint and wallpaper have to get rid of. Because they have already been restored. Finances permitting, it is best to remove the finish with adjacent properties or even with all the walls. The problem is that mold, as has been described above, tends to grow deep into the material or designs. Then the walls and the ceiling will have to be smoothed out before bearing grounds. The remains visible mold stains are removed by hand using brushes. For better results we recommend to dry the surface with a building. Then the walls and ceiling of the bathroom, as well as all necessary plots treated with the help of composition. The only important thing to consider, that work with this composition should be very carefully taken care of to ensure you had overalls, rubber gloves and a dust mask on your face.

How to deal with mold in the bathroom ways and methods of struggle

Now on store shelves, you can meet a lot of drugs that are designed to help you get rid of the mold. However, our advice to you is to use only those that are diluted with water, because they are less toxic. Surface treatment will directly depend on the chosen means of dealing with mold. For example, some substances are issued in the form of concentrates, while others are in the form of ready solutions.

Concentrate usually is packed in cans with a capacity ranging from 1 to 20 litres, and sometimes it comes down to the fact that concentrate or even placed in a 200-litre barrels. Then concentrate is diluted with water at a ratio which recommend a manufacturer, and then put through the brush. Ready the same means of use immediately. Then work on small time suspended, in order to provide a means of time act.

Discuss different ways of dealing with mold, The emergence of black mold in the bathroom is a very unpleasant and dangerous phenomenon. There is a radical method, which will help bring the mold once and for all. prevent mold in the bathroom how to get rid of mold in the bathroom, If you’re faced with it, should be initiated as soon as the fight against fungus, Fight with black mold in the bathroom the most difficult. First method: baking soda, vinegar, slaked. Preventive methods can help prevent recurrence of mildew in the bathroom.

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