How to fix a leak under the bath

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In daily life there are situations when the apartment your neighbors may be flooded with water. How to properly Act in this situation?. If the bath is cast iron, it is thoroughly and does not change its shape under the weight of a person. In order to not water bath, you must remove the plastic kerb, then clean the tub from the old silicone. You then need to degrease the kerb and bath (all parts that will be the sealer), then once again to produce the sealing.

It must be remembered that if the cast iron bath, very often can sag under the weight of water and human, which can increase the gaps between the border and the bathtub.

Bath time can break away from the kerb, or tear off a border of tiles. As a result, appears sufficiently small slit, which practically and not noticeable, but the water will still be leaking. As a result, under the bath is formed a whole puddle.

In such cases, you want to make bath special linings to avoid deflections of the bath. As a rule, is usually enough to enclose several or bricks. When the brick is much preferable, because will not grow under the influence of moisture, which cannot be said about ordinary bruskah. Although, for verification.

In such baths another place can give virtually no prominent eye, but quite tangible flow. That is, the water from the bathtub and does not appear, but underneath formed a puddle.

The result is that this place is going invisible deflection, which is quite enough for a leak.

Regardless of the material of which it is made, sometimes comes across a bad tub grout seams through which water sometimes leaks between the border and the tiles.

In that case you need to do?

First and foremost, it is necessary to check whether the flow pipe? If the bath is made of cast iron material, then you need to check the sealing of the plum, seams and kerb.

If the bath is made of metal or plastic, you must first make sure that under the weight of a person she didn’t bow down even a millimeter.

However, if it so happens that, as a result of leakage under the bath formed its very much neighbors were filled, you have to be ready that you will need to wipe out all the consequences of the accident.

The first thing you should do in such cases is to try to establish what exactly the accident occurred through no fault of your own, and then find the source of the leak and repair it.

In cases where the place of the leakage cannot be found, efforts must be made. The best possible option would be a specialist House call, then be able to determine the cause as soon as possible.

How to fix a leak under the bath

It is necessary to engage in examination to figure out who is the culprit of an accident situation. It can get rid of unnecessary costs. If your wine is not proven, nobody has the right to force you to compensate for the damage caused.

Sometimes situations in which the culprit of the accident it turns out municipal organization serving the House.

Lawyers in such cases are advised to refer to the requirement in this organization about making repairs, preferably in writing, retaining a copy of the letter.

Will also need to know the number under which communal organizations registered your letter, as if the pipes do not survive, it will be necessary to prove the absence of guilt.

Be aware that when an independent plumbing installation, all responsibility for actions will fall on you.

Therefore, if work face quite difficult, which find it difficult to cope on their own, better to go to a special service that you require a letter of guarantee upon completion of the repair.

If you have purchased is not quite high-quality sanitary equipment, or its installation was not following the rules, resulting in an accident happened, for damages should contact the store or company, converted a low-quality goods.

If you are the originator of failure, with the affected neighbours must go to a truce. It should be remembered that even being the culprit of the incident, paying only the cost need to corrupt things, rather than the entire apartment. Therefore, it is necessary to be present when drafting the Act of prejudice.

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