How to heal and maintain garden structures

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Tips to care for and maintain the garden structures to prolong its life (barbecue, pergolas, sunshades, etc.)

Care of garden structures

With the arrival of summer back to inhabit our gardens. We take freshness to relax and to entertain us with the beauty of their flowers, for which we built barbecue area, pergolas, sunshades of straw and roundabouts with natural elements, such as sticks and rods, which we must take care and keep for longer life and to see our garden in its shadow for many more years.

How to care for and maintain the structures of the garden

The sticks used for the construction of structures for gardens are usually of Bamboo and eucalyptus, with rods of willow or poplar, among others. To order , which protects them from future invasions. However, sometimes the larvae of these small pests are found inside of them, and may have escaped or survived this process. So, last time, while we enjoy our barbecue noticed small holes in sticks, showing the presence of these insects.

If there are no plants too close, we can spray with a pest control product. However, these garden structures are often surrounded by plants and animals. To solve the problem of moths, we need kerosene and a small syringe, with which we will insert some drops of this fuel by each one of the small holes. This will eliminate pests, and will protect the stick. We must do this task for a few days, especially before the arrival of the heat, taking care not to damage nearby plants.


Ceilings and umbrellas are usually made with straw and pampas grass, located in various forms. This material is unwinding over firm structure, and is then subject with small wires.

How to heal and maintain garden structures

Its maintenance is extremely simple, and does not require almost no effort or task. However, if there is a defect of placement (for example, notice the small internal leaks after a rain), should only hit the structure from the inside with a broom stick or a stick that will allow us to reach this area. This will make the leaves fit automatically, solving the problem, whether aesthetic or functional.

Then, we must only remember to perform basic maintenance and cleaning once a month, to prevent insects and birds make their homes in Garden structures.

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