How to heat and cool an attic bedroom

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As children grow, they crave independence and personal space. Despite its small space and moisture problems, Penthouse can be an attractive alternative to a dormitory with the brothers.

Insulated safe, updated and some portable heating and cooling units, can turn your attic into a comfortable bedroom.


Attic insulation

Seal window gaps and cracks in the wall with putty and installing weather-stripping around doors to prevent air from escaping.

Install a vapor barrier, made of plastic sheets, in the areas where you plan to install insulation. This includes the area under the floorboards and between the ceiling joists. If it is your attic insulation, lift the current isolation to inspect the State of the vapor barrier and replace as needed.

Check that the attic is properly insulated and add new insulation if necessary. It will keep the attic warm in winter and cooler in the summer and save energy, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Measure the area between the joists of the roof and tables to determine the size of the isolation is necessary. Use of insulation with a factor R of 49 for cooler climates and 30 for warmer climates. Cut sheets of insulation to size and put them under the floorboards and between the boards of the ceiling, leaving no spaces.

Addition of heating and cooling

Install one ventilation in your attic to prevent the buildup of water vapor and reduce heating and cooling loads in other places of the House. You will need to install 1 square foot of vent slotted for every 300 square feet of attic space. Place half of the vent near the top of the roof and half in the eaves.

Install a window-mounted fan, a ceiling fan or a window-mounted air conditioner to circulate fresh air during the warmer months. Use a calculator on-line of the air conditioner of a size appropriate for your attic size, location and isolation, or consult a HVAC specialist.

Hang color light curtains or blinds on windows to reflect light and keep the room cool during the summer.

Use a portable heater to keep the space in the hot attic during the winter. You can determine the proper size of heater for your attic using a calculator online.

Tips and warnings

You can extend heating and cooling the attic ducts, but in most cases this will cost considerably more energy and money that install a portable unit, plus the cost of professional installation. Please contact a HVAC specialist to determine if it is economically feasible.

Wear a dust mask when installing insulation to prevent the inhalation of particles.

Do not push the insulation against the roof sheathing, as this can cause accumulation of ice to form.

Houses completed before 1980 may have asbestos insulation in the attic. If you have one higher penthouse, please contact a professional to remove asbestos and install new insulation before converting the space in a bedroom. Insulation must be sealed with floors and walls to create a secure environment.

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