How to install a drainage behind the system

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A drain at the back will help you to solve the problem of the accumulation of water and protect your garden. You just need to know where tasks and low places and build the drain between these points.

Necessary material:

Perforated drain
The insulation of pipes


Determine a route

You need to know on what route you can dig at a constant depth.

A short trench will be easier to dig, but less effective so the more the better. Make sure the drain passes through the water of the potential key areas.

Dig a trench

The trench should be about 6 to 8 inches wide and at least 2 meters deep.Make sure that the slope you make is always pointing downwards and maintain the constant trench depth.

The bottom of the trench compaction

After having dug the trench, compact the bottom of the trench walk up and down or by using a compression tool.

Adding gravel

Distribute 2 to 3 inches of small stones or gravel along the bottom of the trench. Ensures that you do regularly.

The insulation of pipes

Put the insulation of pipes on top of the gravel. Make sure to cover the trench from one end to the other.

Installation of the drain hoses

Place the drain pipes perforated in the trench along its Centre. After that, cover with wrap pipe. This ensures that holes drilled into the pipes clogged with mud or sand.

How to install a drainage behind the system

Filling of the trench

Use small stones or gravel to fill the trench almost to the Summit. Make sure you do not move the pipes of its position when doing and compact gravel insert a cat by a few centimeters. Move it from front to back.

Replacement of the turf

Just use the grass you cut at the start of the construction of the trench to cover the top of the gravel.

This drainage system should solve your problem, but if not, consider the construction of a second. You can also try digging a trench in the stream so that it drains less two weak points if water flows from a certain direction. Digging of trenches of Drainage, Drainage to the rear, Fellini the trench drain, insulation of pipes, the depth of Drainage, the Drainage, the equipment of Drainage Backyard, Drainage system, pipes, drain pipes, pipe perforated, way of Drainage.

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