How to insulate the walls in the room

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Internal insulation of walls in many cases is the only way to improve thermal comfort indoors. Unfortunately, internal thermal insulation of walls of time-consuming process compared with the outer insulation of the walls. Before you start the repair estimate all the possible places on the walls that can be warmed without causing damage to the overall design of the room.
Insulation of the walls inside are most often done quite rarely. In addition, it is quite complicated and risky task that can not be said about known insulation House outside.


First of all, the warm walls inside and out, you’ll save on heating, so this is really helpful. Of course, there are other reasons, of which many people are hesitant to make insulation, for fear of upsetting exterior and interior design.


How to make an internal thermal insulation of walls?

If you decided to insulate the walls in the apartment or in the House from the inside, you can use two main ways. The first way is to use mineral wool, which is attached to the wall on a metallic profile, approximately 2 cm from the wall. In this method you can additionally insulated part of the floor and ceiling. All the free space between the wall and the profile is filled with mineral wool, providing thermal comfort indoors. To prevent the ingress of moisture, wool and lint in the premises, wool insulated with foil or a special film.


When warming the walls pay special attention to openings and doors. After mounting the heater on a wall is drywall, which subsequently , substrate or glued wallpaper.


Another effective way to warming of walls consists in installing the styrofoam. This material is not so flexible as mineral wool, however, the progress of the installation looks almost similar as in the first case. Polystyrene


is also mounted on a metallic profile, but because it does not absorb moisture, it Additionally through film. However, the risk of ingress of moisture into the foam is present, that can lead to negative consequences and the leakage of heat. That way the internal insulation of the walls you choose, you decide, we only have shown some ways that are aimed at increasing domestic thermal comfort.

How to insulate the walls in the room

How to insulate the walls in the bathroom. The warm bathroom. What to do and how to warm, Therefore in this article, it’s about this issue as insulating walls from the inside, For example, if in a room of 20 square meters insulate the two exterior walls insulation thickness 50 mm, that of the total lost 0.5 m. How to insulate a bathroom do it yourself, without resorting to the services of expensive construction brigades? This article will focus on the issues of the insulation of the walls.

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