How to make a piggy bank with plastic bottle

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How to make a piggy bank with a plastic bottle or as they say a piggy bank to raise our children or our own savings. With a little imagination and materials that we use in everyday life will create an original article to help in our conventional economy.

You encourage you to perform an original piggy recycling plastic bottles? It is a great ideal to make an economic recycling and decorate the kids room.

Today I will teach you to finish this piggy pig-shaped in a few minutes. You will only need some materials that are sure you already have at home, time and dedication.

Make a small slit with the knife in the middle of the bottle. Try to leave enough space so the coins will fit without any problem.

Place the bottle on a surface covered with paper and begins to paint with pink spray paint. With one or two hands will be sufficient to achieve an intense color. Don’t forget to perform the same procedure with the four tops of bottles which had previously separated.

Cut out two small rectangles of black construction paper and glue them to the top of the bottle once the paint is dry. It also beats the eyes of paper at the top and two pieces of felt Rose shaped ears.


Continue gluing bottle on the bottom lids simulating fours. Don’t forget to press firmly to achieve better adhesion. The end result will be an adorable piggy bank made from a plastic bottle that you can finish with very few materials and in a very short time.

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