How to make spraying polyurethane foam

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Spraying polyurethane foam technology and price. How to make spraying polyurethane foam. The issue of thermal insulation of residential buildings up to date in almost all regions of Russia. Spraying polyurethane foam is an effective solution to the problem. This insulation is a two-component composition.

Coefficient of thermal conductivity of the material is very low, it is only 0,021 w/m2K. The layer of foam polyurethane with thickness of 0.05 m in properties of thermal conductivity meets the masonry 1,6 m. In addition, the material is very easy. All this explains its wide popularity among builders of different profiles.

Area of application of polyurethane foam

1. Construction of sandwich structures for industrial and civil objects.

2. Create layer in cars and airplanes.

3. thermal insulation of polyurethane foam spray exterior walls, window frames, inner roof, doors and other elements.

4. Insulation piping cold and hot water supply.

Polyurethane is also used in the automotive, electrical engineering and many other fields.

The advantages of polyurethane foam insulation

1. Low coefficient of heat loss of the building.

2. Sustainability in relation to adverse environmental factors.

3. Excellent durable adhesion with all kinds of porous concrete, brick and plasterboard.

4. No need of fixing the insulation fastening elements.

5. Polyurethane foam has excellent performance hydrophobicity.

6. the ability to cast the distribution material, i.e. without visible seams.

7. Insulation with polyurethane foam spraying method does not require periodic renewal. This greatly saves manpower.

8. Material consists of cells that allow it to “breathe”.

How to make spraying polyurethane foam

Disadvantages of polyurethane foam insulation

1. The stated manufacturers period material is 15-20 years. But on the fifth year of operation of the foam can lose up to 30% of the heat-insulating properties. This phenomenon is not so noticeable in the face of persistent low temperatures.

2. Equipment for spraying polyurethane foam is quite expensive.

3. the Material has a low fire.

We can conclude that the advantages of the material much more than the disadvantages.

The technology of spraying polyurethane foam

Before you do the insulation spray polyurethane foam need to prepare the surface. To do this, you should clean it from dirt and dry. Of the metals it is important to remove all rust and free of grease them. Aluminium requires the mandatory coverage of with a high degree of adhesion, it will help to increase the adhesion of the insulation of the surface.

An important place in the technological process of spraying takes the ambient temperature and components. For more effective layer need to warehouse was from 10 to 25 ° c. the optimum for the room temperature above + 5 ° c. work in the cooler atmosphere to the status of the solution.

Spraying polyurethane foam, reviews of which are almost always positive, is carried out under pressure above 100 atmospheres. After about two seconds after the spray foaming reaction. Out layer provides excellent heat and waterproofing.

Stages of deposition foam

1. Mix all the components. As a rule, are connected by a mixture of reagents, fire protection, and Fixer. The last two components need to pre mix separately and filter out the formation of sediment.

2. Thermal insulated with a special spray gun using a compressor.

3. Repeated surface treatment (if necessary).

The average cost of spraying polyurethane foam

As you know, the prices of various goods and services may differ in regions of the country. It concerns and spraying polyurethane foam. Cost of 1 m2 of the coating depends on the thickness of the layer and the amount of the order. The more processed, the lower the price per square meter.

On average, with small amounts of work, i.e. up to 200 m2, spraying polyurethane foam. When increasing the area to handle the price per square meter is reduced.

When composing an approximate estimate of the spraying polyurethane foam price will depend on the height of the walls. Usually margin expressed as a percentage of the cost of services. For example, walls more than 3 m will be expensive for 10-20%, and basements with low ceilings-by 20%.

The ultimate cost of spraying polyurethane foam is evaluated by the specialists of the companies providing such services. The workers always see the most vulnerable places to release heat from the room. Therefore, experts necessarily offers to process these surfaces several times.

Today work with polyurethane foam can be independently. To do this, you need to have special equipment and basic knowledge about components. The work is always better to spend together.

Equipment for deposition foam hands

In building the shops sold disposable kits for spraying foam on the small square. Most often, these kits consist of two cylinders. In one of them polyol with freon 134.

Construction equipment provided by mixing the components after pressing the trigger of the gun. Hoses with compounds are connected to gearboxes. In tanks constantly maintained control of pressure and temperature. In case of violation of one of the parameters of the material will be worse on that would increase its costs.

The cost of the equipment for deposition foam hands
The spread of portable units for independent work with polyurethane foam due to the fact that in the area of private homes for insulation may be quite small. Six Brigade workers with expensive hardware just don’t go to such objects, since it is unprofitable. In other cases, small works cost very expensive because of the continuous collection of plants. Disposable kits designed for safe use of amateurs. In areas less than 20 m2, they turn out to be profitable.

Spraying polyurethane foam hands

All work must be carried out in good weather. High humidity outdoors and indoors at this time may spoil the polyurethane foam. Spraying the hands to perform required in several layers. This is one of the main principles of work.

Insulation with polyurethane foam spraying method starts with complicated surfaces: chimneys, ventilation pipes and manhole covers. At this stage you need to close all of the joins that extend outward. The first layer it is advisable to apply a thickness of 14 mm. After the point you can begin to further work.

The second and third layers are applied at each other with a small interval of time. The best way is to conduct all work for one day. If this is not possible, then starting each next layer, you need to carefully prepare the surface. With the right planning of working time warming the private house of the average sizes you can spend 2-3 days.

The most effective sound and thermal insulation is considered a structure consisting of three layers.

Advantages and disadvantages of self evaporating polyurethane foam

Working with spraying conducted by professional equipment fast enough. All work take 1-2 days. Independent execution of spraying may take more time, as you need to carefully study the instructions and hardware.

Polyurethane foam, coating his hands which turns out to be profitable only on small areas, hardens almost instantly, regardless of the design of the installation. This proves that there is no difference between professional and non-permanent structures.

Thus, in each case, the decision to an independent or professional warming House is made by the owners.

Reviews of polyurethane foam

Most of the owners of private houses and apartments remain satisfied with thermal insulation with polyurethane foam. This way, the insulation of the premises especially actual for buildings with lots of arches and other curved items.

Spraying polyurethane foam, reviews of which are quite numerous, popular for balconies and loggias. After properly executed works in these parts of the apartment becomes so warm that there you can go home clothes even in the winter time.

Thus, spraying polyurethane foam is an effective way of thermal insulation of private houses and apartments.

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