How to open locks if you lose the keys

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How to install a door lock

How would you go about trying to open a lock if you lost the keys ? If you’ve ever lost your keys, had them stolen, or locked yourself out of your house or car, you know how difficult and embarrassing .No one is safe from various forms of trouble and majeure. One of these troubles can be accidentally slammed doors. I once went to throw out the garbage, and absent-mindedly forgot the keys to the apartment. Fortunately, my husband was working not far away, and I had to wait for him on the landing just 40 minutes. And what if the person lives alone, and all the spare keys to the castle are just outside the door is closed? One option might be to call rescue services, industrial climbers which will come to your apartment through a window or balcony.

But there are two but. First of all, this service is not cheap. Also, sometimes the rescuers or nothing left to do but to break the glass in your window to open it. We will not resort to such radical methods. There is a less expensive option from a financial point of view. This call a technician to open the door locks. They are quick and easy answer to the question: “what to do the door shut.”

If your city does not have such a service, then we will explain below, you need to know when you open the closed door of his castle. Just remember that this guide should be used only for your door. Otherwise you will have to deal with law enforcement.

Today the most popular door locks are locks, in which secrets are made in a cylindrical shape. To open it is possible to apply a method using a hammer. Hammer over the face can ensure that the castle in its thinnest point break. Broken in this way the lock, then you can use a screwdriver to rotate and open.

Another way to open the cylinder lock is drilling the place where are the train, which focus on the key figure. Usually this place is just below the secret castle. Drill it can crank locking using conventional flat screwdriver.

To open the lever locks the above methods are not suitable. These locks still have the name and safe deposit in order to open them need a lot more strength and energy than to open cylinder locks.

Lever locks can be opened by drilling core pin which is located near the place where the key is inserted.

Of course, open the lock without the proper skills is virtually impossible. If you do not want to aggravate the situation, consult an expert.


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