How to organize your pots

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As we are a new home and with plenty of lockers is complicated to organize the pots without that they turn into a trap, and with plenty of room you’re looking to buy all possible and impossible pots thinking I will use, but let’s say we don’t use even half of what we have and always use the same so I decided to get organized and I found this guide that I found very interesting.

If you have that collection with various sizes and formats, get rid of them. It is practically impossible to accommodate many types of different jars and lids in your cupboard and fridge, without you getting completely lost and messy.

Choose two or three sizes/formats that will meet their needs and ira use often. Remember, if your leftovers do not fit in 1 container you can always split in 2.

How to organize your pots

After choosing your standard two or three sizes, buy several of these selected sizes ONLY. Buy at least 6 of each size. For example: you could buy six bottles of 250 ml (1 cup), six bottles of 500 ml (2 cups) and six bottles of 1 liter (4 cups).
Color coding of the covers.

Make sure that each size has a color of lid. For example: all six of 250 ml have red covers, the 500 has green covers and 1 liter with yellow Cap. (you choose the colors that you see fit).
Starting the organization.

As their pots are all the same size you can stack them perfectly inside one another, whether in the Cabinet or in the refrigerator. I recommend you start by allowing the caps stay down the pots, it will save more space.

Buy a full set of “grab bag”. They’re going to mater bagged foods, fresh and can be used in thousands of different ways, either to close bags of frozen fruits and vegetables, and even help save a large space.

in the fridge, the ideal is to use glass containers so that the food does not taste like plastic and are easier to clean and with everything looks cleaner and easy to find.

In the fridge/freezer: the ideal is to use containers for “freezing” that is BPA-free, note that the Red cap containers are in the same proportion, but each with a different time, but all with the same size of tampa, that’s an option for stacking bottles of various sizes without touching the system of organization.

Bag holders: Keep them in a bag in a drawer or easily accessible location, these small utilities will save much of your Zip bags.

As well as diets, organization should be made by everyone in the House, or if you will be setting up … arranging and will always have a miserable you’re going to be messing with the system.
A great option at the time of purchase, are acquiring kits are usually cheaper, but don’t go buy of sizes if you’re not going to end up running from the organization scheme.

Now if you cannot get rid of the habit of buying new pots, don’t run away and whenever take 1 new home play off 1.
Use bottle caps to close those “bags of fruit” that can be used to store various foods.

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