How to properly primed the ceiling before painting

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Processing of the ceiling in the apartment is pretty important phase in the repair of housing, which we have devoted a lot of materials on our site. However, before you start facing work, need to prepare surface (particularly before painting the ceiling need to blot her surface). In this connection, our new article devoted to the subject, as primed the ceiling in the apartment.

So, our current, taken a step in the process of repair of ceiling designs, is a primer of the ceiling. Here I want to stress one important nuance, which lies in the fact that at the moment we are still quite dusty processes. And if you suddenly want to hold intermediate cleaning work, the better they do before you begin the primed the ceiling in the House. Don’t forget that before the primer is necessary to complete all of the dirty work to the processed surface is not down dust.

primer of the ceiling description

So, what is the process of priming the ceilings? You need to purchase or already cooked primer, or special concentrate that must be diluted in the required proportions. About preparation of the solution, you can see detailed instructions on the packaging of primer. At the moment on the market a wide range of primers, as a consequence, to speculate on which of them is more better, and that less is enough hard. The only thing that you can suggest it take primer famous brands. For further work we will need a bath, which we will fill find primer and roller.

Sure, do not be lazy to buy the tray in the nearest building supermarket, despite the fact that its price is not considerable, it saves manpower and time. Because spending on priming of you it will be much more comfortable. Baths are of different size. In-store pick up the shape and size of your spindle so that it could easily be placed.

As primed the ceiling before painting

So, are you taking the roller in a hand, then stir it into the tub, shaking excess primer, gently the roller on the diagonal the surface of the tank, and apply primer on the ceiling. In addition, such a capacity you need for similar procedures, when painting the ceiling surface.

How to properly primed the ceiling before painting

In case if you have high ceilings, it is prudent to immediately buy the handle Extender for cushion is the plastic pole to which is attached the cushion. In this version you will not need to climb every time on the ladder, and you can comfortably work, rather than at the bottom.

Consequently, securing on the long arm of the roller, begin to apply primer on the ceiling. In case you have on the ceiling is the protruding elements (beams), respectively, to handle them. On completion of the process, you must wait approximately two hours until the primer fully dry. Then on the second layer is applied to the surface of the ceiling.

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