How to quickly fix a leaking faucet yourself

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How to quickly and securely fix the leaking tap? This question at least once in a lifetime was asked each House master, which dropped “stake” your problem water leaks. When the call to the House plumbing is not necessary, because the situation is not critical, it can handle on its own.

How to fix a leaking faucet yourself: order of operations

Replacement of gaskets. It is a rubber gasket becomes the “Achilles ‘ heel” of the crane, which often breaks down. This is especially true for the crane, which delivers hot water. The most resistant gaskets, as noticed plumbing, are those that are made with their own hands from your old bicycle or car tires. Cut the lining is best of the sidewall where the tire is fine.

Install the gasket under the sealing ring. Once the seal is cut, its sealing ring set in a special Groove. Do Groove directly, having laid a few turns of thread.

Resurfacing the saddle valve. Wear a saddle tap also often causes leaking faucet. First on the bolt head is glued with waterproof sandpaper, then clamped into the Chuck screw. Saddle taps ground only after these manipulations. This simple operation is able to permanently extend the lifetime of the faucet.

Installation of wooden inserts. Saddle taps, deteriorated during the years of operation, can be recovered in a number of ways. Saddle trimmed to perfection, and then it is hammered a wooden insert, and molten Tin poured defective place.

Replacement seal rings. Eliminate leaks from under the flywheel crane plumbing by using replacement of worn rings on new. It can be bought in the store, but the best thing to do yourself. For this is taken from the tube to the penicillin bottle and cut the appropriate size ring. Notching cut inner hole, height and size of the outer holes to fit the sharp razor. You can remove the old seal, which is new.

How to quickly fix a leaking faucet yourself

Wax coated cone. If the leaky faucet that switches the water in the shower or bathroom, remove enough cone valve and cover it with a thin layer of melted wax. Fits and other lubricants, as well as SOAP. After this simple procedure of the cone should be installed on the place.

Production of gaskets in the shape of a cone. Not only prolong the life of the crane can be so, but also eliminate its buzz. For this is made in the shape of a cone. It is carved from dense rubber and cut on a turning circle.

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