How to write a letter to cancel a health insurance policy

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How to write a letter to cancel a health insurance policy, Whenever you change insurers or decides to suspend its policy of health insurance, you must issue a formal notice to your current health insurance provider. Although the majority of people usually call your insurance provider, many companies also require a letter written to formalize the request for cancellation. The letter does not have to be an explanation to bottom of his reasons. Instead, just indicate his intention not to receive coverage, and they do not want to load any additional charge.

open a new text document and enter the following information in the top left of the page: the date, the name of the insurer’s health and postal address of the company. Under this information, write the word “Affair”, followed by your number of health insurance and the word “cancellation” policy.
write-up an explanation that you want to cancel your policy of insurance existing at the date of the letter or any desired date in the future. Request that the insurance company will send you a notice in writing of the cancellation and that will return the money that is owed.

enter your complete address and telephone number at the bottom of the letter and leave a space for your signature.

print the letter and sighing his name to it with ink. Insert the letter in an envelope with your address in the upper left corner and the direction of the central health insurance company. Some health insurance companies offer a period of “free trial” at the beginning of the policy to allow you to cancel within 15 to 30 days. If this is the case of your company, you should indicate that you is cancelling the period of “free trial” that do not charge for the back cover.

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