How clean the toilet

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The bathroom is one of the places in the House that more clean and disinfected should be, so the task of clearing it must carry out on a daily basis.

Cleaning of the toilet

The toilet or toilet is one of the elements of our bathroom Yes or if you need a daily cleaning, especially if in the home there are children.

Keep it sanitization is very simple, just take some minutes, and the toilet will be in excellent condition, clean and completely disinfected.

We could divide the toilet or toilet in two parts, an internal and an external. Both must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.


How to clean the inside of the toilet

To clean and maintain it in perfect condition, we must use products like bleach or ammonia. Pour them into the bowl and let it work.

Then, using a brush, we must well scrub the interior walls of the toilet and when we finish, let the water run.

If it is not perfectly clean, repeat the operation.

How clean the toilet

If there is scale, we can use a cleanser powder and apply it with a sponge or cloth. Then rinsed.

Another formula that helps us to leave bright Cup is to pour hot vinegar with salt in it, we brush and the yellow spots that is usually inside the toilet removed as if by magic.

If the toilet or toilet had rust stains, they will disappear if we rub them with lemon and salt.

Note. If you own cistern or tank and the water in your area is hard, you should throw a splash of vinegar inside. This will help to clean the toilet.

How to clean the outside of the toilet

To the outside of the toilet, use a cloth soaked with a disinfectant product and pass it by caps, foot and tank or tank if I had it.

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