How preventing accidents on construction sites

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How to prevent and avoid accidents on construction

The technical development witnessed by the world and the accompanying development of industries has resulted in a lot of risk that should be on the human perception and taking and caution from falling into the causes.

Do not put the entire blame here on the industrial development may play conditions worker health and psychological role in increasing the risk for example, the lack of attention or neglect even for a few moments may be enough to incidence and make working in pain for long periods may lead to losing one of its members , or even death. Indicate the annual statistics issued by the international organizations that:.

– 110 million workers are exposed to different injuries

– 180 thousand injury which lead to the death

Thus, the rate of injuries :

– 4 work injuries every second

– A serious accident every 3 minutes

How preventing accidents on construction sites

Workplaces from factories and workshops and laboratories are considered unnatural environments where high temperatures and rotating machinery , and sensitive devices and quick reactions , and toxic substances, and so on. It is also a complex of gases , liquids and solids that may be some of them very serious.

Occupational Safety and responsibility of each individual to the job site and linked transitive relationship with the people around him , machinery, tools, materials and methods of operation , and others.

Occupational Safety not less than the importance and quality of production and related costs . Has become a safety laws and regulations personnel should know as management must be applied and not to allow workers override them , and that there will be training and supervision is true for workers on these systems in order to avoid many of the business risks that occur to workers in work environments different .

Construction site accident prevention

Construction sites are the most dangerous conditions, other than the workplace. Thus , construction accidents may happen more often than other workers accidents. But construction accidents can be easily prevented by applying a strict and enforceable rules of safety at all construction sites .

The prime contractor and all subcontractors shall be required to establish and maintain a fairly safe operation of the site , with warnings of any hazards on the site and work to be done there. There should also be a focus on hiring employees careful coordination of labor and supervision to ensure compliance with all safety requirements .

In addition, all workers at the site should be properly trained in the correct operation of all the equipment on site , and the site should be managed in accordance with all legal provisions in order to prevent accidents in the construction industry.

Even with the precautions and compliance with safety regulations , construction site injuries can still occur due to the mismatch of these provisions. Accidents involving defective or destruction of forests may lead to the construction site accident cases , falling from or through roof structures , electrical current , falling stairs , defective machinery, such as cranes , hoists , conveyors , tractors , forklifts , faulty equipment or other construction tools and the collapse of the floor or wall. Types of construction site accidents often result in serious injury and sometimes may even lead to death. In fact , thousands of construction workers are injured or killed in construction site accidents each year.

Construction site accidents. compensation

Virtually all significant injuries as a result of construction site accidents resulting in workers’ compensation rights . The law provides workers’ compensation benefits to workers injured on the job. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation may only be insufficient compensation especially in the case of very serious and catastrophic injuries that occur frequently in the accident site. Law depends on the interpretation and application of a number of complex laws and individual circumstances of the construction accident .

However, these rights are limited workers’ compensation may be supplemented by legal actions against others who are responsible for the various activities at the construction site , including construction managers, general contractors , subcontractors , equipment manufacturers , etc. When a construction site accident occurs , the owners, architects , insurance companies and equipment manufacturers can be held liable for inadequate safety provisions .

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