How restore furniture and tables at home

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Techniques to give a new and original look to your tables and furniture.

Restore furniture and tables

When it comes to renew the general appearance of our home, renovation and restoration tasks have much influence on the final outcome. Although sometimes we would like to renew for full tables and furniture for our House, budget prevents us to accomplish this monumental task, and we are faced with the need to be creative and resourceful, restoring what we already have, but giving them a new and original appearance.

Steps to restore a piece of furniture or table of our home

Restore a piece of furniture or a wood table can be easy, if we follow a series of steps and have the necessary patience.

Cleaning. We will begin by selecting the surface (the furniture or table) to restore, and will give you a good cleaning, first dry to remove dust, Earth, cobwebs, and others, and later in humid, with a cotton cloth dampened in warm water mixed with neutral detergent or white SOAP and clean. To clean the surface, we will review to remove SOAP residue, and let dry. Then we give you a deep sanding to remove remains of paints, waxes, patina or product that has (also can be stripped) and after cleaning, will have the surface ready to be worked.

To assess damage. Already clean surface will be able to assess the damage, to know what we should do. If the wood has been affected by Woodworm, should dampen and let it dry, to open pores, and then apply the product (to brush). Then we cover the table or cabinet with a plastic (for preference, a bag covering it) and let the product Act for a week. Then clean it, we sanded and repair holes with wood putty, sanded again to harden it.

How restore furniture and tables at home

If the wood of the furniture or table holes or tears, we can repair them with putty for wood, or a mix of tail of Carpenter and wood flour. After covering all the breaks and let dry, we will give a good sanding to smooth the surface. If the furniture was carved or volumes, you can repair them using epoxy or putty for artisans, giving the corresponding forms and helping us, if necessary, with a crafts. Then we sanded to smooth the texture, and cleaned to remove dust.

Paint and redecorate. Then we can provide the personal touch to our restoration of furniture, through paintings, patinas, copycat effects (as we have learned to make marble, ebony wood and others), either by applying wax to wood or varnish (colourless, Matt, satin or gloss). Depending on the desired finish, we can not apply a coat of primer before painting or either, make an effect of pickling on the furniture or the table to give a memory effect, although restored. On the portal you can find many interesting techniques to apply to your furniture. It only remains you begin!.

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