How to apply wallpaper on lime

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Wallpapers are practically the most common type of finishing materials. You can stick them on a carefully prepared surface . It should not be known . Otherwise you will have to do all the work again.

To work you need to make a spatula , iron brush , putty , primer , roller and wallpaper paste . If you decide to apply wallpaper on white-washed walls , keep in mind , it is done only in the event that a small layer of lime and keeps it fairly well . Before pasting wallpaper , do the preparatory work. Obtain a hardware store acrylic primer. It needs to be put on the wall with a large brush or roller.

The primer should be given time to dry thoroughly . It takes about 36 hours. After that, once again apply a coat , let it dry , and coat the walls of the third time. Wallpaper pasting only through day after third primer layer is applied . Drying time depends entirely on the room temperature . The higher it is , the less will go drying time of each layer. If the surface of a lot of whitewashing the walls , and sometimes it peels off , it will not help you no primer . The fact that the wallpaper will simply fall off together with the layer of lime.

In such a situation, you need to do the cleansing and wall putty . Only then can we begin to label wallpaper. To quickly remove lime, you can use an iron spatula, brush and a rag with water. Liberally moisten the wall. It is necessary to have less dust . After that, you can begin to remove the layer of lime. For this purpose, use a putty knife and a wire brush . After cleaning . After the whitewash removed completely , the room should be well dried. On the putty , apply one coat of primer.

Wallpaper paste can only be in a dry place where the temperature above zero . If you are not paying sufficient drying time , the wallpaper will fall off . In this case, you will have to redo all the work again . Before you start wallpapering , you need to choose a good glue. It should be suitable to the material that you are going to stick . A good adhesive is a guarantee that the wallpaper will be held for a long time .

The first strip of wallpaper will line up with the tape of the background pattern should match up in that place. And show you how to hang wallpaper where the level when the mark and draw a straight vertical line vertical line. In the chat screen wallpaper, you have options to choose from backgrounds included with Messenger line, take a picture, choose from a gallery, or an application.

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