How to check the oxygen sensor – lambda sensor

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How to check the oxygen sensor – lambda sensor – Before you replace the oxygen sensor , you must make sure that he is the cause of malfunction Engine failures during acceleration, loss of power , increased fuel ,  making engine.

To do this, we need to check the oxygen sensor .

List of possible malfunctions lambda probe ( oxygen sensor )
broken – heating
– loss of sensitivity – reduction of speed ( how to repair the sensor ( restore sensitivity) ?)
Typically , death often wear on the car is not fixed , if the cause is in the sensor sensitivity . But if there was an open circuit heating sensor , on-board computer that instantly give you an error.

Checking the power sensor ( oxygen sensor voltage )

Before you replace the sensor, you need to make sure that it is receiving power and all circuits are intact . To do this, open the hood and disconnect the sensor connector ( it is attached to the nipple clamp cooling system).

Check the heater circuit . Take the tester and “minus” to connect to the engine, “plus” fasten on contact “B”. Turn on the ignition and watch the tester readings : should show 12V. If the tester reading less than 12c or non-existent , then either discharged battery ( which is unlikely ), or an open circuit voltage ( troubleshoot ) . It can also be a problem with the computer , but as a rule, on-board computer immediately indicates this error .

How to check the oxygen sensor – lambda sensor

Check the sensor circuit . Measure the voltage between terminals “A” and “C”. minus at “C” on the plus “A”. The voltage should be 0.45 . If the voltage is missing or different in 0.02 and more – that faulty power supply circuit ( need to find and fix ) or faulty ECU (which is also unlikely ) .

Fully test sensor performance can only be an oscilloscope , which is not the majority of motorists , so I see no sense to describe the situation. Let me just say that you need to check is artificially cry poverty and enrich the fuel mixture and look at the sensor .

If the sensor is not enough  – more than 100.000km , it can be easily replaced. Because, even if he worker sensitivity deteriorated significantly – leading to unnecessary costs for gasoline.

Should accurately understand the operation of the sensor. Please note the following errors

Error R0131 Low signal of the oxygen sensor 1
Error R0132 HIGH level crankshaft sensor 1
Low level sensor means that the mixture is too rich .

High level sensor indicates that the mixture is too lean .

Note that these errors indicate the status of the fuel mixture , but do not fix the sensor fault . Therefore , when a data error , you first need to look at the fuel pressure and the presence in the intake air leaks , and only then pay attention to the sensor itself .


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