How to choose a radar detector for car

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How to choose a radar detector for car – In the environment of motorists sufficiently broad popular are radar detectors (their correct name of radar detectors ), which are designed to detect the radiation produced by the police radar , and warnings about the car owner . This scheme of the device is required for early warning the driver about the proximity of a police officer with a stationary radar traffic police. But how to choose a radar detector so that it efficiently and effectively carry out its responsibilities ? Let’s try together to sort out this issue to give him the correct answer.

The main selection criteria Antiradars

1. The most important criterion on which pay attention skilled motorists – the range of frequencies that can distinguish radar detector. It must be said that there are five ranges. However, in practice, the Russian automobile business they do not apply. In Russia only used the X and K bands , and therefore there is no need to purchase a radar that can pick up other frequencies . It will be a waste of money , because these functions will still have to turn off as unnecessary.

2 . If you’re thinking about what kind of radar to choose , you need to know that they are divided into two types:

– Catching pulsed radiation ;

– Scavenging laser.

How to choose a radar detector for car

The first type of radar detectors can “see ” Switching devices that transmit radiation in the form of short pulses. Models of such equipment is not so much. The fact is that the police radar can emit waves of unequal length , and at varying intervals over time , and therefore is difficult to spot them . Many radar detectors capture such emissions wrong, mistaking them for errors. Only the most “advanced” models are able to perform this operation efficiently, advance warning of the owner of the occurrence of danger.

The second type of radar detectors catches the laser radiation, which is created by police radar . The disadvantage of this type of device is that the laser beam is very narrow , so if the device is still caught it , the speed of the car is already fixed. The remarkable fact is that the radar is able to detect the laser reflected from the other vehicle and report it to the driver. In other words , this type of radar detectors will be a bargain in the case where the driver needs a lot of time to spend on a busy highway .

3 . If you still do not know how to choose a radar detector for your car , try to answer the question – how much money you are willing to pay for its purchase . Like any other technology, radar detectors can be budget or expensive , due to the different model than the individual characteristics of the different categories . For example, a fairly inexpensive devices of this type have a common drawback – they can capture not only the radiation police radar , radar detectors but also other car owners , power lines, cell towers , automatic doors and radio stations. Due to this fact , there is a cheap high sensitivity to external interference radar detectors which do not allow the device to work efficiently.

As for the expensive models , they are in a much better degree to cope with this task , eliminating all unnecessary clutter and highlighting exactly the signal to be recognized. But at the same time , these types of devices are equipped with many additional features that may or may not need driver ever, but for which , however , he will have to pay.

4 . Another important feature , which should have a quality radar – range operation. Naturally , the farther the radar detector sees his “enemy” , the better its use for motorists. In the same case when it detects the radar at the time of fixing the speed of the car , it eliminates the need itself.

Additional features for which you should pay attention
There are other criteria that need to look for when buying a radar detector . If you studied all the important features and does not decide which one to choose radar , should pay attention to the additional indicators , such as:

– Build quality

It is possible that in the process of driving the device may be exposed to mechanical impact or fall , and therefore it should be made ​​of quality materials that are resistant to shock and vibration ;

– Switching

Radar can be used on urban roads and on motorways (and the functioning of the device in different conditions varies somewhat ) . For this reason it is best to purchase a device that has the ability to switch modes to create the most favorable conditions for its operation.radar detector ,best radar detector ,adar detectors ,best radar detector 2013 ,cobra radar detector ,police radar detector ,escort radar detector ,best radar detectors ,cobra radar detectors .

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