How to choose Mag Wheels

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How to choose Mag Wheels – You may be wondering where the name of the magnetic front of the wheels comes from. He said that the main component of the wheel is made of magnesium. It plays an important role in making this wheel light character, and magnesium alloy wheels shiny.

Mag wheels, as they say, the type of motor vehicle wheel, which consists of symmetrical spokes or holes.


The first step in this process is to determine the force that will be required of the magnetic wheel for your car.In To do this you need to determine how often your vehicle is used and the distance he usually travels when driven.

The next step to the size and accessories, with the knowledge of the width and offset offset.The called internal and external positioning of the magnetic wheel bolt with respect to the surface.

A plurality of magnetic wheels must be prepared so as to see which one of the magnetic wheels are best suits your car.

How to choose Mag Wheels

When selecting magnetic disks, depending on your personality / taste, you will probably be inclined to choose a wheel that is not only consistent in size, but also what is happening with your style.

Once your choice has been made, the next step is for you to learn how to take care of the magnetic wheel. It can be found in the advice and warnings of this article.


Be careful to select the correct size of the fragment, and not one will cause problems with steering and the manner and handle your car.

Cleaning and Maintenance Mag Wheels

To remove dirt from the surface of pure fat should be used to do the job.

To get to the hard-to-reach areas of wheels, an old toothbrush should be able to do its job.
When applying lubricant net necessarily apply to direct hits.
Any scouring pastes or varnishes containing anhydrous ammonia or chemicals is not recommended because they cause your wheels looking dull over time, even though they may look brilliant in the beginning.

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