How to choose the right air Ionizer

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A matter of choice and purchase of equipment for air purification and ionization in the premises occurs only when the usefulness of such a purchase is quite clear. Learn about air ions of oxygen depleted air of dwelling houses, looking at the enlarged pictures of dust mite, after hearing rave reviews about miraculous properties of familiar devices, you decided to immediately acquire a useful device.

So how to choose the right air ioniser? Where to start? Of course, search and analysis of information. If you have access to the network, on request you will receive an extensive list of air ioniser from different manufacturers with a wonderful large spread in price. Personal experience of such a search reveals what’s next start difficulties.

You can take cheap air ioniser, but whether it will solve all your problems? Another option is to buy a very expensive device that implements a bunch of opportunities. But even if funds permitted, why pay for the excesses? So let’s talk about what criteria should be chosen device.

First of all, you need to determine where the air ioniser will work. In the case of the Office premises, then you need to take into account the overcrowding in these areas. According to sanitary norms per worker have at least 4 square meters of working area. But it’s looking like it: given the size of cabinets, desks, office machinery and securities of uniformly distributed all over the about the furniture, you can forget the rules.

How to choose the right air Ionizer

Often, the rest of the free space is occupied by customers. In such premises to install devices with a maximum output of ions and reserve area to which the appliance is designed. Features deep cleaning of fine dust can be neglected. In offices is usually wet cleaned daily, so the dust is small.

How to choose low instruments air purification and ionization air ioniser performance are inconvenient and economically unjustified, because they must be installed on each workstation. For offices is air ioniser middle price zone, with compulsory air circulation and cut UV lamp to ionization. Ultraviolet radiation will eliminate smells inside, for example, from visitors.

Another question, if the air ioniser is designed to work in a residential installation. Here in the first place is the quality of the cleaning air from dust. The abundance of soft materials in modern apartment, dust from skin and hair dying pets creates an environment for the reproduction of dust mites. Fight them there was only one way: to deprive them of food and create intolerable conditions for existence.

So air ioniser designed for a small space, but having several stages of air purification. In addition, they must work in a continuous mode. The presence of ultraviolet lamps to generate ions of oxygen in them is not desirable. At long work indoors, ozone, and will accumulate in high concentrations, it is not safe. Suitable for all models of ioniser with “traditional” works without extra fans forced air circulation. “Traditional” is based on the contact of air molecules with a high element of an ioniser. There is a semblance of “ion wind”. This device works perfectly silent.

Finally, the last point is no longer on the air ioniser option. If checking other household devices is straightforward, the situation the other ionisers. Check at home, how does (or if at all) the ioniser on its face impossible. Measurement of the number of ions generated by the product, only special devices that are only available from the manufacturer or from the health authorities.

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