How to cut and drill ceramic

How to cut and drill ceramic In the category General Maintenance and Repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about How to cut and drill ceramic.

Learn the correct technique for cutting ceramic or tiled, and thus to redecorate your home for less money

Techniques for cutting ceramic

When we have to cut and drill tiles or ceramic we tend to hire a (very expensive) specialist, so the decoration project which we are about to make is sensational. It is that not many know the proper technique to do so, and end up with pieces chipped, scratched surfaces and tiles that you can no longer use.

Therefore, here we teach you the proper technique for making cuts in ceramic, and be your own hands that remodel your House, and your wallet is swollen!

How to drill ceramic

The ceramic and decorative tiles have a fragile surface layer. Sometimes, projects require make holes for cables, legs of shelves or others, and the task seems complicated.

The first obstacle that tend to find those trying to drill ceramic is the bit (Wick) from slipping. To avoid this, simply create a rough surface at the point being drilled, by scraping it with a file, biting it very carefully, or by placing a paper tape (tape painter or bass contact) that prevents the bit move your site.

How to cut and drill ceramic

The latest suggestions is most suited for cutting and drilling ceramics, because it solves the second most common obstacle: the upper surface chipping, scratching or splitting. When you place a piece of masking tape low-contact, part will remain intact, and after drilling, simply remove the tape so that it is splendid.

A good trick is to start drilling with a bit smaller than you need, even the smallest one you have to allow that of the appropriate size can find more easily.

How to cut ceramic

To make cuts on ceramic or tiled, either straight, angles, corners and curved, need to work with care, patience and the right tools. It is located parts on the Workbench, secure with clamps, and mark with a black pencil. This will help you not only follow the necessary form, but it will also collaborate to the tool will not slip on the surface of the ceramic.

With some experience you can use grinders with cutting wheels, always working slowly and carefully, avoiding cutting more than the count. Also the chainsaws can be useful if you have already mastered the technique.

For beginners, the best way to cut ceramic is to use a manual glass cutter. This is a small tool similar to a pencil (also it is guide, larger) that has a diamond tip. You can simply pass it across the surface of the ceramic to mark the surface layer and allow the rupture with gentle pressure from hands or cutting pliers (which are more gentle with parts, as opposed to the rigid forceps or tongs common). You must strongly push the tool against the ceramic, not just pass it as if you drew with a pen on top.

How to prepare parts for cutting and drilling

It is essential to always work with tools in good condition, and that are appropriate for each task. Bits of glass will be the most suitable for drilling, and glass cutters are fundamental to the Court.

Place the ceramic on a sturdy table, secure with clamps or clamps, and if you are going to be drilled, place them on a cutting table (which has large perforations and parts are placed so that the drill leads directly to them).

Finally, it always works with clean tile, reviewed with alcohol to remove fat, and dry completely. Thus, cutting and drilling ceramic will be easy, and your projects will be sensational.

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