How to hang shelves with invisible fastening systems

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If you want to give a modern touch to your living room we suggest that hang on the walls a couple of shelves with invisible fastening systems. It’s a simple job to perform, can greatly improve the appearance of the room.

The shops offer a wide range of shelves with concealed fastening systems. In this case the shelf has already submitted two holes in which are inserted fastening systems; These products also include a kit with the various components to be used. Alternatively, we can make ourselves the holes, taking care to respect the same measures on the shelf on the wall.

In both cases we take the shelf and score points for the holes that are going to run on the wall We proceed by piercing the wall with the help of a hammer drill, using a suitable surface on which we work.

The next step is to introduce the dowels into the holes of the wall.

To follow, we rotate the tiles clockwise and tighten the outer part by helping us with a spanner.

Finally, we can insert the shelf in the blocks and we fixed our shelf with retractable systems. To obtain greater stability can we give a few shots to the shelf with the hammer towards the outside.

How to hang shelves with invisible fastening systems

Thanks to concealed fastening systems we have beautiful wall mounted shelf without brackets or ceiling systems. We can use the shelves to place ornaments or photographs, but also books and heavier objects because these systems can withstand even greater pressures. With little time to customize your living room walls with a solution of lightweight and modern furniture. If you have any doubts as to what to do we suggest contacting a professional. This entry was posted in home improvement and tagged shelves, shelves with invisible mounting, shelves, shelving, fasteners, nylon plugs.

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