How to inspect the site for Job electric locking

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How to inspect the site for Job electric locking -Requires access control electrically operated locks -Access control system, which is hard wired and  or centralized management is nothing more than a fancy electrical switch that is used to include some kind of electromechanical lock on and off. When you submit your credentials ( prox card or fob , mag stripe card , PIN code on the numeric keypad , etc.) , access control system changes the status of the electrical relay which then supplies or interrupt the power supply shut-off device. This article talks about how to choose the electric locking devices for different situations.

This article does not apply to aluminum and glass doors type of store .

, Before you can read dead and Secure Electric gates

Situation: Cylindrical Lock

How to inspect the site for Job electric locking

Note: To use an electric shock cylindrical lock, cylindrical lock must either have an empty handle is always closed by the access or be a key feature , preferably function pantry.

Hes 5000 Electric Strike Lock Installation Review

Cylindrical Lock on hollow metal doors or wooden door with metal box

Non- fire doors . Select electric shock designed for cylinder lock , for example: > Adams Rite 7440 > HES 5000 501 faceplate option > HES 5900 591 faceplate option > Von Duprin 6211
Fire doors , which can be left locked in the fire ( fail safe ) > Adams Rite 7240 > HES 7501 > Von Duprin 6211 Any of these three listed above, can also be used on non- fire rated opening .
The fire rated door which must be unlocked in case of fire ( fail safe ) electric strike can not be used as this door. Use electrified cylindrical lock in place , for example: > Corbin CL33903> Schlage ND80PDEL either electrified cylinder lock means you will need a transfer of power from the door frame to the door . I suggest electric hinge such as : > Stanley CEFBB179- 54 4-1/2 X 4-1/2 US26D
For information on loops please click here .

Electrified cylinder lock can also be a good choice when your door frame is filled with concrete . Electrified cylinder lock can be used on any door that you can run the wire through to turn it on .

Security Door Controls and other manufacturers offer doors coring tools to assist with drilling a hole through which to run a wire from the electrical wires through the hinge to the electric lock .

You can also use electromagnetic lock for failover fire rated opening , if your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), ie, fire department or building inspector , said .

Cylinder lock on wooden door with wooden frame doors

Blank ( slab ) door without glass

If the wooden frame will support electric shock , use :> HES 7505 > Von Duprin 6211WF> HES 5000 502 option faceplate
If the frame will not support the strike , for example, if there is a side Lite difficult to frame using electrified cylindrical lock and hinge electrified , as described above.
Door with a large glass window

This type of door can be a challenge . If the frame will support electric shock , use one example, listed directly above. If not, you can core door leads from the upper hinge stile through the castle , and then down through the lock to the lock stile prep, and use of electrified cylinder lock . Easy ways to use electromagnetic lock , once again , if your AHJ approve.

Situation: mortise lock

In the case of a mortise lock , characterized by the hardware , but the principles are basically the same .

As the cylindrical lock, electric strike easiest to install this feature mortise lock warehouse . Unlike cylindrical locks, mortise locks , some , such as shown at right , are equipped with integrated bolts . You can unlock the deadbolt mortise with using electric shock , but it’s harder . The simplest form of a mortise lock for use with an electric strike is the one that always locked from the outside , always unlocked from the inside, and has bolted. Mortise lock function can be easily changed by replacing the lock housing with one of the proper functioning . The cylinder and the lever can be reused.

Mortise locks are also different from cylinder locks that hole , or guardian , in their bar is offset to the bottom. This means that the keeper of electric shock , which is compatible with mortise locks should also be shifted toward the bottom , if doors and frames are not made new . In the case of brand new doors, just give mortise lock with the proper functioning of any electric shock with a 3/ 4 inch deep economy to door manufacturer . They will prep the frame so that the electric lines to engage with mortise lock , whether guardian , in the center or offset.

In the following situations , we assume that it is the existing door to which we want to modernize the electric shock .

Mortise lock on a hollow metal or wood door with hollow metal frame

Non- application of fire or fire-resistant applications , which can be blocked in case of fire , use one of the following impacts:
> Background Duprin 6210

> HPS 4500 (not compatible with all brands )

> HPS 1006 ( select the front panel that works with your brand castle.

Fire rated applications that need to be unlocked in the event of a fire (or refusal )
Electrical shock can not be used for this application. Instead, use the electrified mortise lock and electric hinge. Electrified mortise lock can also be a good choice to open the Customize filled door frames ( door frames, filled with concrete ) .

With the approval of the AHJ, electromagnetic lock can also be used .

Mortise lock on a wooden door with wooden frame :

If no flame resistant or flame-retardant, which can be blocked in case of fire , use one of the following electric shock :
> Folger Adam 310-2-3 / 4

> Background Duprin 6211WF

> Folger Adam 732-75

If the fire rated to be fail safe use of electrified mortise lock and electric wires through the hinge or electromagnetic lock .

Situation: Exit Device

Your electrical parameters castle vary depending on the type of output device you have , whether your opening fire rating , and whether or not your application Fail Safe or not safe.

Rim Exit Device

Rooms for fire : Use one of the following :> HES 9600 electric strike > Trine 4800 electric strike > Von Duprin 6111 or 6112 electric strike > Electric latch retraction
Fire rated , not in the protected application :> HES 9500 electric strike > Electric latch retraction > Electrified Outside Trim
Fire rating , application failover > Electrified Outside Trim
Mortise Exit Device

Fail Safe Fire , Non Fire Safe Failure or normally use: > See section mortise lock up options for electric shock . Electric shock choice will depend on the strike displacement . > Electrified mortise lock is also an option . > Electrified outside trim
Fire Rated or Non- Fail fire protection applications : > Electric Latch Retraction > Electric Strike > Electrified mortise lock > Electrified Outside Trim
Fire , applications normally > Electrified Mortise > electrified outside trim
Vertical Rod Exit Device , on the surface or hidden :

Fire , Non- Fire Fail Safe Appications> Electric latch retraction > Electrified Outside Trim
Fire , Non- Fire Rated normally Applications> Electrified Outside Trim
You can use electric shocks on the vertical rod exit devices , but it is not what I would recommend , if there is any way to avoid this . So , to use an electric shock is necessary to lose the lower stem at the bottom of the door is not protected . Depending on how flexible the door , you might be able to pull open the bottom six or eight inches. Add to this game in EMRs and you have one very sloppy door.

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