How to install a parking sensor for car

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How to install a parking sensor for car –¬†Ultrasonic parking sensors are designed for those people who have not learned well to park your car . With this handy device , you can learn about the obstacles that are not visible from the passenger compartment .

To install the sensor , we need: drill, tape for insulation, an awl , a marker , tape, tape measure or measuring tape , ultrasonic sensor and a set of fasteners.

Good place to start a car wash , and then prepare the site for the installation of the sensors. This is best done in a cozy garage , it will give the ability to accurately calculate the height . Let’s get down to the installation of the device. For a start , disconnect the negative terminal of the battery ( battery ) , and then disassemble the internal vehicle. After that, think carefully about where to install parking sensors . You can install it on the rear window or on the control panel auto .

Already there are parking sensors, which can display information about the obstacle on the windscreen . At this stage it is necessary to consider also the place where is located the main unit of the system and placing the sensor wiring .

The next step is necessary to glue bumper masking tape . It is necessary that would protect the lacquer finish . Then you need to select a starting point – the edge of the bumper or symmetrical parts. Markup can hold a marker , as it is washed off with excellent coverage and does not damage it. In some models, such marking the manufacturer has already provided . For that alone would make a layout you need to carefully read the instructions . Sensors should be placed horizontally at the same height .

How to install a parking sensor for car

The presence of white areas and sent data accuracy depends on the markup .
Some models require a through parking sensor installation. On previously marked area need to put an end to an awl , and then drill to drill the hole and install the sensor . Stretching need wiring through the rubber plug in the trunk. Wiring can be woven together, but you need to leave a small loop. In an emergency situation it can quickly and easily replace the faulty sensor . Block system should be installed in a corner of the trunk , and then check the operation of the entire system.

If everything works fine , meaning you need to fix the sensor and the display to the desired location , and wiring costs insulated. There are already wireless parking sensors. They are much easier to install , it is not necessary to carry out the wiring through the cabin .

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