How to install mosquito net

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In the summer, mostly all the people keep the Windows open, but because of this to our House can fly a variety of insects that hinder sleep and can be vectors of various diseases. It could be mosquitos, moths, various bugs, moths, flies.

Not to insects in the area, be sure to hold the installation of mosquito nets. In addition to insects in an apartment can fly birds, poplar fluff, dust.

Modern design grid consists of an aluminium frame, which is a special cloth. Aluminium profile painted in the color of a window frame, and the mesh is grey so that it does not stand out against the background of the window.

In the construction of mosquito nets is no big deal, so it can fit anyone. Install the grid will not be any difficulties. When the old grid had already worn out and does not perform all of its functions, it is necessary to remove the old grid sizes and order it. To acquire this grid to the wholesale warehouse of components.

How to install mosquito net

If your window has been manufactured without a mosquito net, it will be much harder to measure than the already finished grid. You must open the window frame and to measure the perimeter. Then you should add three centimeters in height and width is two centimeters. Upon receipt of your order, you will get a mosquito net and attachment to it.

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Mount consists of two pairs of fixture is up and down. It should be noted that the upper fasteners contains the bar slightly wider bottom mount. The important point is that they cannot be mixed up. Also important is the proper orientation of the brackets on the frame and its fixation.

You must first position the mounting frame from the outside and to the lower part of the mosquito net was on 1.5 centimeters below the opening. Then the bottom bracket must be placed at the top of the doors. To find them a place to be from lower anchorages noted the length of the grid and add 1 inch.

It is not difficult. To do this, you must pull from the inside to the outside through the window opening and insert into the mounting notch on top. The actions are thus-grid is attracted to themselves and gradually goes down.

You can also install a grid on the window with a wooden frame. The main requirement is to open a window to the inside and outside of the frame lugs were missing. Due to the presence of free mosquito net can be broken.

The installation of this mosquito net explains two ways. One way to install the availability of internal bracing. This is the grid and the handles start for top opening window is raised grid to another.

You must then make the bottom bracket of the frame and pull the rush for mosquito net down to the lower fasteners. The final step is to align the grid along the frame.

The second way to install is to place the grid on the outside of the window aperture with a Z-shaped fasteners. This is a more reliable way of fastening, but for the person he can be dangerous during installation.

To secure the parts of the fastening must be located outside of the aperture window. First, install the upper and then the lower Z-shaped corners.

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