How to make curls using hair clips

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make curls using hair clips, First you need to wash your hair and gently dried. The entire head wet towel. Next on strands for styling tool is applied. If your hair is thin, you should use a mousse, but for ordinary can approach fixing gel. The whole head is divided into strands of small thickness. The finger roll hair, as if forming a curl. Then finger you can get pins and fasten with the bottom and with the upper clamp use. When all the strands of twisted, it is necessary to moisten them with water from the spray. Or suitable tool for curls.


Pinned strands can be left overnight. Then top dress hat or bag. For quick effect head dryad hair dryer.
When hair is dry, the pins are removed with caution. To make the natural curls worth shape with your hands. Hairstyle consolidates varnish.

Volume and large curls

Make a lush head of hair is easy, if you use a round brush. Slightly wet strands are laid with a hair dryer. You will also need to spray or gel to your hair volume.
Starting from the roots apply a small amount of styling for the entire length.
Strand need to cheat on the comb and dry warm air.
This way, go over the entire head.
The finished curls fix varnish.

How to make curls using hair clips

You can do without. Hair treated with mousse over the brush and keep a few minutes. Each strand is made separately and it turns out the effect of wavy hair.
There is also a very simple and proven way to get 3-d stacking. Roll the section on your finger, and then sprinkle it with varnish. You must then hold a few minutes, and then slowly release the curl.

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