how to perform bumper repair yourself

how to perform bumper repair yourself In the category Automotive Car Repair Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about how to perform bumper repair yourself.

how to  perform bumper repair yourself – During the operation of the car very often there are situations when the machine may appear minor injuries . This may be due to many factors – from the banal to the carelessness ” lapping ” in the parking lot by a neighboring car and contact with rigid obstacles. Usually suffer from such impacts automotive parts – one of the most vulnerable parts . In most cases, bumpers and aerodynamic car is made of plastic. This fact turns out to be positive in the case of damages, and allows repair bumper yourself, without the help of specialists.

A look in more detail the process of repair of the bumper at home.

bumper sizing  advantages and disadvantages

What is needed for pasting bumper ? Of course, in order to carry out repairs yourself bumper requires certain skills and some special equipment . If you have decided to do this procedure on their own , it is advisable to abandon the rather complicated welding bumper in favor of a simple and inexpensive method of sizing .

The fact that welding requires a number of specialized devices for repair, such as tin snips , construction hairdryer , a soldering iron , flat electrodes and a number of accompanying instruments. However, if it does not scare you , this kind of work can be done in a well- equipped garage.

how to perform bumper repair yourself

Sizing bumper – way more simple and affordable . On most automotive markets in the sale are special repair kits . It consists of two meters fiberglass , epoxy resin and hardener . Often you can find filler for plastic surfaces , sandpaper , and capacity for mixing. Of course , you can buy these components and separately , the benefit , the market offers a lot of variety of options .

The process of gluing the bumper. Once you’ve got all you need, you can proceed directly to the repair work . They occupy about 1 day drying epoxy based adhesive . One of the main advantages is the sizing and the fact that the repaired bumper not necessarily be removed from the vehicle.

Bumper wash thoroughly enough , then the damaged area with breaks or cracks as possible need carefully sanded and degreased.

After carrying out the procedure must be applied to the outer side of the bumper fiberglass impregnated with epoxy resin. For greater strength better apply multiple layers. When applying to be given lapping three to five inches beyond the crack. This is important because the applied thus fiberglass evenly distribute internal stresses in the bumper and will not allow the crack ” scatter ” beyond repair area.

As the curing resin , it is necessary to clean thoroughly sanding the edges and apply glue repair putty . Stack it should be a thin layer , and after half an hour ( the average time of hardening putty ) carefully sanding, smooth the surface before full conformity with the essential details. After completing these procedures , you will be fully prepared to bumper spot painting.

Exercising independent repair bumper , you can resort to a more complicated method. It is located at an intermediate stage between the welding and bonding , and inherently combines the advantages of both methods. To implement this type of repair will require the same set , but it should be added to the fine mesh of metal or plastic and a soldering iron.

Execution of repairs plastic bumper

For repair must be removed from the vehicle bumper , then carefully clean it from dirt and rinse.
Then the damaged area thoroughly sanded on both sides. If the bumper is cracked , the best option is to stop them by drilling holes at the ends .

After that, the back side of the bumper to the damaged area grid is applied with a small overlap . If it is made of metal , the edges of the grid should be drowned in the plastic surface of the bumper , heating soldering iron. Frozen , plastic firmly , ” will ” mesh , and tie it securely damaged items . Same grid of plastic should also be soldered to the bumper , only the strength of ties will be somewhat lower . In fact , its purpose in creating a reinforcing layer , increasing the strength of the repair surface.

After completing the installation procedure must be applied to fiberglass mesh . For maximum effect, the surface of the bumper and mesh should be thoroughly degreased and covered with a layer of epoxy adhesive . Next, the impregnated glass fiber is applied to the injury site , first the inner and then the outer side . It is imperative in this case to try to avoid air bubbles , as the repair surface is strong enough due to the reinforcing mesh , to remove air bubbles can be applied plastic spatula .

After curing the epoxy resin on the outside of the bumper is necessary to impose a repair putty . Waiting until it dries , the surface is subjected to sanding and is brought to a level surface.

Automobile Collision Repair-How To Repair Your Plastic

It should be noted that these methods are applicable not only to repair the bumpers to modern cars , but also for partial repair rusted areas on the body , avoiding costly welding. For example , in the rear bumper at the lowermost edge of the body , often through- holes appear corrosion. A great way to cope with them without unnecessary costs can become their sanding and degreasing, rust converter treatment and subsequent filling the internal cavity with foam .

After it dries out a piece of foam , speaking from the rusty holes , clipped and trimmed , and the injury is superimposed fiberglass impregnated ” with epoxy .” Further processing is fully identical to that in the processing of the plastic bumper. Corrosion in the absence of oxygen and moisture for long pauses and the kind of machine acquires original features .


Uncommon type of damage are cracked bumper . Often ragged holes in the bumper is simply no , and repair cracks aforementioned method is not always effective due to their ability to self-expansion . In this case, before using the technology will be very useful to papering sew portion of the fracture with brackets for construction stapler.

However, when using this method, you need to consider one very important factor – the material from which made the car bumper. So, if used plastic has the softness and flexibility , can be directly stapled crack stapler . However, there are often cases when the bumper is made of brittle plastic. Then use a stapler can simply split the plastic bumper.

In any case, before the procedure ends drilled cracks need to avoid their expansion. Then you can start stitching . If you can not use a stapler , the need for repair , in addition to the repair kit mentioned above step lernye staples and a soldering iron and a thin drill. The latter is necessary to prepare the holes for the brackets .

After they are installed, they are using a soldering iron in the sinking plastic bumper structure . Sometimes you can do without drilling holes , introducing clips by heating them .

After matching bumper cracked surface should also be free of grease and covered with glass , and then filler. In this case, the technology is identical to the foregoing methods .


Of course , the most important step in your own repair bumper is his painting. It is the quality of its implementation depends on the final result . So, if the bumper has chips and scratches , restoring paintwork can be made using commercially available kits, which include polishes and toning pencil. However, when the above-mentioned types of repairs or serious abrasions need painting point .

When damaged, and then have been subjected to repair small plot , the best price will be on the application of enamel , selected by code . Special repair kits such paints are sold in small vials with lid , which is integrated brush .

This set reminds all known nail polish. Degrease the surface and, if necessary , pre- sanded them, should be carefully applied paint on the damaged surface. After completion of the procedure and complete drying dye composition , the plot should be treated with an abrasive polish . He smooths traces of coloring , and such repairs will not really noticeable.

But we should remember that this method is good only for small areas . In case of serious repair and bumper damage significantly its area requires full painting using spray and compressor. Of course, if such equipment is available in your garage, the procedure can be done independently , causing the desired layer of enamel, and then varnish. If not, it will be easier to apply to the service.

However, independent repair bumper allows the owner to save a lot on services as a service , and in the case of purchase of a new bumper. Even fairly complicated repairs at their own performance will be much cheaper than buying a new unit and, especially , his subsequent painting. That is why , armed with basic knowledge , you can give the car a former luster and appeal.

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