How to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation

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How to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation?,The danger of electromagnetic fields, Electromagnetic radiation (field) have always existed and exist in an environment that surrounds a person. This constant electric and magnetic field of the Earth, radio waves from stars and the sun. As a result of increased demand for electricity, widespread wireless technology, changes in the production process at the end of the twentieth century the problem of action artificial sources of electromagnetic radiation on the human body has become more important. Even at home (apartment) a person is under the influence of electromagnetic fields (EMF).

The scientists have shown that electromagnetic fields detrimental effect on the health of people who are under their influence. Is it possible to protect yourself from harmful electromagnetic radiation?
Company SIMVOLT offers modern solutions to protect the human body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Screening paint for walls, floors, ceilings and doors

Screening paint HF + LF / YSHIELD shielding paint HSF54, HSF34, HSF74, HSF55 with varying degrees of relaxation, depending on the needs (LF and / or HF radiation, 25-40 dB).

Screening paint – the easiest way shielding homes, buildings, office of electromagnetic pollution, operates outside. They are widely used both in the construction phase, and the phase of refurbishment accommodation (office).

How to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation

Screening fabrics and films for windows, balconies and windows

  • Screening tissue: New-Daylite, Naturell, Voile, Wear, Perspective, and others.
  • Products with shielding fabrics will perform not only a decorative function, but also provide protection from electromagnetic pollution villages.
  • ¬†Screening of the film for windows HF / Window film RDF62-Clear. Such films are easy to assemble and does not cause an optical flaw image.

Screening canopy for bedrooms and cots, curtains screening

These canopies provide protection from electromagnetic radiation for 35-45% of day adult and 80-90% (infants).

shielding clothing

In addition, a variety of test equipment market presents personal protection from electromagnetic radiation – items of clothing, uniforms, hats and materials for sewing (in stock). Subjects adapted specialized wardrobe is an essential attribute of expectant mothers (pregnant women) during pregnancy.

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