How to repair a crack windshield car yourself?

How to repair a crack windshield car yourself? In the category windshield repair tips Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about How to repair a crack windshield car yourself?.

If you are looking for guidance on how to self- correct repair a crack on the windshield of the car at home , then you’re staying on the right page. Here we have given you a simple way to solve this problem.

When the absolute perfection of the window of your car windshield clouded cracked, or chipped, you should not think that this is the end of its existence. No need to go shopping for a new windshield if the damage is local and small in size. To date, a variety of available technology of repair, which completely restore the original appearance of the front window of your car and then make it absolutely clear. Let’s find out together how to master yourself one of the simplest techniques of repairing the car window in the home.

The windshield of each vehicle is vulnerable to damage from flying ” shells ” of any kind, whether it be small stones , taking off from the wheels of the vehicle in front , or stone, which started in you a madman . You can not long ignore the cracks , especially if they are on the left , right before the eyes of the driver .

Car author of this article , also suffered from a similar problem. For some time, I was completely absorbed in the search for repair kits auto glass , which could solve this problem easily and efficiently , and finally , my quest to succeed . So, let’s get to the main point .

Instructions for repairing cracks on the windshield in the home, with special repair kits .

How to repair a crack windshield car yourself

repair cracks on the front of your car used to be flat sheets which are in the process of production given the required shape . Therefore , if the glass is cracked or has any other damage, you will not have a chance to remake it . The only way to handle this is to repair the damage by filling the cracks with sealants , synthetic resins , the use of which leaves the windshield clear. As you know , for such a common set of automotive repair tools you will not do. Currently available on the market kits to repair such damage to the windshield, usually consist of a special device on the suction cups used for easy contact with the glass of the sealant resin-based and thin film coating drying zone .

Let me at the very beginning of our instructions on how to carry out repair windshields in the home, to see that these kits are best for repairing cracks and cobwebs , the value of which does not exceed the size of a good plum . They are not as effective for the repair and branched long cracks. Cracks of this kind will require intervention of a specialist workshop.

The first step is to clear the area of damage from tiny particles of glass cleaved , which may still be in the cracks . Carefully remove these particles . After that, wash the area thoroughly and dry it works .

After the work area has dried , install the tool on the windshield suction cup so that its four legs were placed around the crack , and the central hole is strictly above the crack. Then insert the tube into the hole with resin and squeeze it to enter three or four drops of resin directly into the crack . Next , you can remove the tube , but instead insert the piston , which will tighten the grip on the windscreen in order to ” pull ” the two edges of the crack.

Let everything remain as such for a while, and then remove the tool on suckers and cover the repair area with a thin film , while the resin is dry. Special resin hardens in a few minutes while the crack has been completely filled , and the transparency of the windshield restored. However, as we have said before , this kit can be applied to small chips and cracks that occur as a result of hitting the pavement on the windshield while driving.

The cost of repairing cracks on the windshield.

The cost of repairing cracks on the windshield of the car is completely dependent on the scale of the damage. If the damage is small, you can use the repair kit , which costs an average of 12 to 40 U.S. dollars. If the damage is relatively large , and you can not fix the problem , it is best to turn to a professional to repair the car, which specializes in the repair and replacement of windshields . It can cost from 50 to 100 U.S. dollars. If the mechanic will call you a large sum , it would be wise to conduct a complete replacement of the personal car window .

If the damage is too extensive and cracks fanned out , the repair will cost much more than the full replacement glass ! But before you run to the nearest parts store for a new  on your car , contact the person that he may assess the damage and call the repair price . Maybe it’s not as scary as it might seem at first glance.


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