How to repair a microwave oven

How to repair a microwave oven In the category Microwave Ovens Many people are interested in knowledge and learning about many subjects, this knowledge may be vital at some point in your life, attention enough, and dive into more detail more articles and learn more information about How to repair a microwave oven.

Repair of the microwave oven you can make with your own hands when you have basic knowledge about its structure and principle of operation. The article will describe the simplest model of microwave oven device, in which there is a grill and a turntable.

Let’s start a conversation about the microwave device with its visible at first glance parts. When you are with your hands actually repair the microwave and remove the top cover, then turn the power off beforehand. You will see the fuse transformer on it and close the casing of high voltage ceramic fuse. Near the transformer will be block Doubler Quick Start Guide consisting of a diode and large condenser. All together this is the food chain of the magnetron microwave.

Very dangerous to touch the capacitor with their hands immediately after opening the lid, as it holds a charge for a long time and can present you an electric shock.

The principle of operation of supply circuit microwave oven microwave

Supply voltage 220v first passes through the fuse on the primary winding of the transformer. The first thing to visually check the fuse integrity. or in a glass enclosure visible hair replacement is required. Primary winding of the transformer is located underneath and you can visually see and measure incoming voltage on its findings.

Near the primary winding can be seen a few more turns of wire, this is a secondary coil-heated cathode. It gives a voltage of ~ 6 .3V, necessary for normal operation of the cathode. Above is the secondary winding of the transformer, which produces about voltage 2kv, entering the Doubler. High-voltage winding of the transformer is well insulated by multiple layers of insulation.

How to repair a microwave oven

Doubler is a capacitor with parallel connected diode. It doubles the incoming voltage 2kv to 4kv, which arrive at the cathode magnetron microwave oven. Preliminary cathode heats AC ~ 6, 3v from the secondary winding heating cathode. Magnetron anode is connected to the Earth.

The magnetron is operated by relays and timer time according to specified parameters on the front of the microwave oven. Parameters of the microwave oven the microwave OVEN set programmer. The programmer is equipped or gear, responsible for the regulation of the clock. The longer intervals work magnetron, the more power is allocated for cooking. The longer intervals of rest, so less power produce the magnetron.

New models of microwave ovens is used inverter microwave generator capacity management. When this cycle of work and recreation manages the temperature measuring sensor of the magnetron. At his signal increases or decreases frequency of impulses. For high temperature impulses go very often, it takes more power and is more energy on cooking. For less cyclical temperature decreases, that gives you the flexibility to control the entire process.

Protection equipment

Microwave oven safety switches are responsible for the simultaneous disabling of all systems when the door is opened during operation, the magnetron. Two protective relays while tearing off the power supply and for zero-phase. Moreover, one of them necessarily controls the proper operation of the second element of protection. There is still a third protection relays, contacts power disconnect when the door is open the oven microwave and non-button process started warming up.

High-voltage fuse fuses microwave generator, providing protection from emergencies:
work is empty;
hitting metal objects on the tray.
Secondary mechanisms of a microwave oven:
the fan motor;
engine sump;
backlight lamp;
Grill lamp.

Since all the secondary elements are connected in series, if one of them doesn’t work nothing except the magnetron and the actuator relay.
This makes it much easier to repair their own hands of the microwave oven.

Major faults and repair

Listed list of malfunctions of microwave ovens is not exhaustive, it only reflects the most common breakdown. All of these faults, you can repair it with their hands.

Microwave oven will not turn on, the power fuse is tripped, replace the fuse only After checking the serviceability and safety transformer diode
Clocks operate, microwave does not heat door switch miniature fails to repair or replace.

Microwave go on and off periodically every few minutes the fan cooling fan relay, closed vents a small repair or replacement.

When the work is visible and audible spark burning smell Breakout MICA gaskets due to replacement of pollution.

Microwave oven heats badly reduced voltage loss or emission of the magnetron. Application of voltage regulator repair their own hands by increasing the number of revolutions or the magnetron replacement.

LCD displays are not all segments, glare and smudges Damaged screen or processor. If still not working and microwave oven, that’s exactly the processor Replacement.

Touchpad stopped working Damaged conductive track repair their own hands by overlaying wires or replace.

The tray rotates spurts Dirty Groove rollers, motor fault repair their own hands by cleaning the Groove rollers, replacement of engine.

Light is lit, the pallet is rotated, microwave does not heat a strong drop in voltage, fault in the power supply circuit of the transformer, magnetron broken Install, repair voltage regulator by transformer circuit Tester, troubleshooting, replacement microwave generator.

Not included buttons on Control Panel repair their own hands by verification Tester, contact or replacement buttons.

When operating the microwave oven audible hum, failure fan, diode or transformer Replace Doubler quick start guide.

Microwave oven not working off Faulty relay (sticky) disconnect the power supply, replace. Can also be a problem in the processor or relay control circuit. Independent repair by checking the ohmmeter, if the circuit is OK, replace the processor module.

you can repair the microwave oven, but you can correct its operate and significantly increase the term of impeccable service.

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